Why does my sword shoosh go behind me?

Hey folks, I’m trying to incorporate the sword example here into a game I’m working on. I’m going to adjust the details eventually, obviously, but for now I’m not even able to get it to work as consistently as the example. When I jump and move around, the emitter ends up sending the swoosh behind my character often, sometimes, even upside down. Any thoughts?


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ill try to figure it out but i need the game link

Thanks, I’m still digging myself. Here’s a link to what I have so far. WASD controls for the sword player, control to activate the sword.

thanks i will figure this out

i think i know!!!its probaly because you have one animation facing one way!

Thanks! Is there a way to fix that? I don’t see that I’ve done things very differently than the example I took it from, posted above, but I must have missed something.

well you could try using a flip or a toggle so when the guy moves left it flips to a different animation
that has it were it does the shoosh the other way

i ment it shooshs left

I’ll give that a try. I always assumed that if you had the emitter angle set to 0, it would send the thing to the player’s forward direction, and if you flipped the player’s forward direction (like I do with my walking system), the emitter would handle that. I’ll have to play with it. Thanks!

if you need anymore help just message me

You could have the angle be independent and set it to 180 when you go left, and then back to 0 when you turn right

Oh, that actually might help! I ended up with a different solution - I switched it to an attacher which gets a message when the swoosh animation is done and then unattaches. I like this because the swoosh actually spins with the double jump as well. Thanks for the help.

Why does the background look so familiar?