Why does this save function not work?


If you choose singleplayer I have something to show there. every time I die I am supposed to lose lives, but for some reason the save function doesn’t work. Am I using it wrong? It is the first time I’m using it so it might be wrong, but be sure to let me know what I’m doing wrong


-you need a once to read when you start (checks the value)
-and your starting with a “read” and not a “save” so it reads 0 when the circuit starts
-And the -1 is going to in and not +.
-You need a fail check so if the save is = to 0, it would go to 3.
-You need a separate number for the Label so your not saving every time you display the number.
I would also use another filter so your not saving twice when lives are below 1.

With that, here you go:

here’s a discussion that I briefly explain save:

OH, Thanks! I think I get it now, I haven’t been using the save feature before in this way so I make some mistakes when using this. Thank you so much for helping me! It helped a lot and it works!

@“JR 01”