Why is download button not there?

The download button in the sprite editor is not there.

It’s there for me, reload the page.

you can’t download other people’s sprites

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OhhhHHhh. So that’s why I can’t download. I guess I’ll have to ask @JUSTPLAINOP to download it for me then.

I think you should be able to download sprites if they are in your game. We are collaborating…

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um… Ember can’t download it either. Do you have any idea why, @Galactian

@Flying_Fajita Maybe it thinks for both of you that the other person is the owner, so its not letting either of you download it?
I dunno tho I’m not an expert
P.S. nice tree btw

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hm, I’m not sure. It’s very odd

and also I wanted the file so I could make it better lol

I mean, if it bothers you, mabe you can ask grazer to add it in features?

I’m sure the reason neither of us can download the sprite is because BradenS made the game. I made the object, but he made the Game.

yes, I tested it out with other people. That must be the reason.

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