Why is flowlab so much more prone to Infinite loops

ITs so irritating, one moment coding works EASILY but randomly it decides to consider it a endless loop when it clearly isnt, could you make it less…sensitive to potential endless loops?


umm if you made a infinite loop then you made a infinite loop…
not to be rude but if there is a infinite loop it is something wrong in your coding flowlab didn’t do anything? and also if you are going to blame it on flowlab then let me put it this way flowlab is creating a game/corresponding to the coding you give it!

@grazer do you agree? or no cuz i might be wrong here

Ok then here-flowlab.io/game/play/1528953, die by the turret repeatedly, then you will see what i mean.

Although it’s not real coding, it’s still prone to the issues that you can face there. If you make an infinite loop, just like with a real engine, it will need to be addressed. It would be useful to know where it happened I suppose, but really you just need to watch what you’re doing and make sure it makes logical sense, otherwise, you’ll end up with crashes and loops. Giving people as much freedom to do whatever they want to do as Flowlab does, you have to choose between accessibility and freedom of choice at some point.

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That doesnt really have anything with what i am doing ,but if you want to help I know it has to do with the coding on the “Unknown entity(Player)” object in the Health points section.

My point was that you need to pay attention to what you’re doing. Loops aren’t really Flowlab’s fault

and MY point was that it doesnt make sense how it is looping.

Loops aren’t always easy to find, but if it says it’s looping, then it’s looping lol


But Oh well, I think I fixed it.

It seems to happen everytime the player dies

:expressionless: Okay glad you fixed it then

Sorry If i seemed rude.

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That’s okay, you’re fine :+1: