Why isn't collision working?

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@Drolfey I checked the game and I just changed the floor’s shape to a circle and placed the player one block higher and it is working perfectly normal :upside_down_face:

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I think its a bug with the hitbox merger in Flowlab.


Yes, I had the same issue with my own game but just drug the player 1 block higher and is magically worked.
Also @grazer all “rectangle” hitboxes are always the size of the sprite editor not the sprite.

@meburningslime, if your referring objects with no code, just solid, and have a rectangle hitbox,
then that is most likely the hitbox merger that was added in the last update.

Objects with those specifications merge together to make a larger rectangle with other clones connecting around them.

No, @JR_01 that’s my player object and an npc.

Which game is this bug in?

I’d rather not say in the forums since it’s a suprise game and you don’t allow emails or pms. So I’ll go look somewhere else for help :confused:

Hey @Drolfey thanks for reporting this issue. It should be resolved now - it was related to the last update (collision merging).