Why isn't my objective arrow working?


I made an objective arrow for my Game Jam Game and it isn’t pointing towards the objective!

Here’s my code for the objective box. It’s the same object as the base block:

It’s extremely ineffective and, at the moment, it isn’t working!
This is the code in the arrow, it’s simple, and should work.

If you know why it isn’t working and/or a better way to code the system, PLEASE HELP!


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Can you pay a game link? It’s easier to see things as the code is running
And I’m assuming rotate toward object is selected in the PointAt

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Oh wait, nvm I see the issue

I’m not sure what the first picture is doing… It seems very odd and those are very exact and weird coordinates in your filters…

I have no idea what this is doing, I’d have to get game link or something, there’s not enough information

Plus that filter is literally not doing anything, just delete it

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The issue is that you’re only setting the Globals once. This means that the global connected to the PointAt is only activated once. So if you move it won’t continue to to point at the proper X, Y location.
You really don’t need the Always on the extractors, because you only use the output from it once at the very start of the game. (There are a couple other things as well, but you already mentioned that the code is not optimized)
Use the Always on the Globals in the Arrow


Flowlab Game Creator - Virus Apocalypse Here’s the link, sorry.

It worked before the update.

yeah just add an always to get on the global

for the code in the arrow

That will fix it, but the code in the objective box is extremely unessicary


You must have changed something, because that code should not work.

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Must’ve been a bug, lol.

Ok, this works:

Do you know a better way to set the globals?

You just need an Always connected to it. You can keep your current system (though I heavily recommend changing it if you know how), just add the Always to the “Get” input of the Global


Uh, all of the code is for selecting a certain object to make the level door. There are hundreds of base blocks in the level and one of them is the level door (It has an animation).