Why isn't this working?

So, every when you click it checks your selected variable ( sel ) and they go into filters. 1-6. If it’s equal to one then it knows you have sand selected. And so on. Anyways, that works. When you click, it turns on the second line of switches. And if you have 1 selected, the top switch in the first row should turn on, but it’s not…? I don’t know why that is. Also, I could have used AND Gates but I didn’t feel like it.

Game: _ The problem is in the Cursor object in the game layer.

I think it might be a bug. Sometimes when I use switches they tend to start flipping the opposite of when their supposed to, maybe just deleting and replacing the switches for sand and that might work. I’m on mobile right now so I can’t play test the game and see if it’s actually something wrong with the code or just a bug.

It’s not turning on because your “sel” is not 1 (its not selecting sand).
This is because the cursor in the game layer is in the way when you go to select one of the buttons.