Why was the guy who made GalacticoS banned for 200 years?

sup3r87, or soethan1 on the forums, was banned until 2220. It said it was an “Invalid email adress on import,” so maybe @grazer can fix that.

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So i just took a dive back into flowlab cause i was bored and wanted to see what was going on, and found this question.
basically back when the account that i was using was actually created, it belonged to a friend of mine (since my own account had some issues i dont remember). we essentially agreed to “share” the account indefinitely.
our school streamlined account creation, and since it didnt actually need a real Email, the school just “mass printed” Emails as usernames. “soethan1” might exist as a real email address but i doubt anyone can access it. including myself.
but it probably doesnt, which the bot noticed, when rcreger changed how the site works to prevent spam (probably). so yeah, thats my overdetailed analogy on why it’s the case lol. i know this was posted months and months ago, but i wanted to reply, since i didn’t see any on this page.

(i should probably also state this doesn’t mean i’m coming back, i just wanted to take a look around. i have moved onto other peojects as of date. flowlab was definitely a blast to work with though!)



Also rcreger isn’t the one who manages flowlab, that’s Grazer.


Ay, nice to see you here after so long! And no, I didn’t have anything to do with the site changes. Just a fellow developer:)

Anyways, good luck with those projects! Cheers!


@rcreger dont know why i mixed up those names lmao, its been a while.

thanks for the good luck wish though, i wish you luck on projects of your own :slight_smile:


They’re both kind and professional.

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