Will Fullscreen ever be able to Free Users?

I’ve noticed that people have said before that full-screen is buggy and stuff, so I was wondering if it will ever be Free.

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I’m not aware of any bugs in the Full Screen behavior, so if anyone is experiencing them please let me know.

I’m not sure if or when I’m going to make any current upgrade-only features (e.g. full screen, cloud save, or multiplayer) free, but there is a strong possibility that indie users will be getting more exclusive upgrades as time goes on. I think Indie users deserve to have some extra perks, or why bother upgrading, right?


@grazer The only weird thing I’ve noticed with fullscreen is that sometimes it just doesn’t work. Like when I first load up my game it’ll work fine but when I go in and out of the game editor a bunch it just starts to stop working.

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@grazer Sometimes you set it to Once->On with the fullscreen it only works sometimes but I guess when you’re just playing the game it works fine as long as you don’t go into the editor.

@AbstractGallery - that’s not a bug. Connecting a once to Fullscreen will probably not work in the browser, only in an exported game. Web browsers have built-in security limitations that are designed to prevent ads from taking over, so you must connect the full screen logic to a user interaction such as Mouse Click or Keypress. This is the same reason that Sound blocks will not play until the player clicks in the game, and Clipboard blocks have this same limitation as well.

Unfortunately this isn’t something I can change, and like lots of browser limitations: blame spammers :frowning:


I think keeping certain things upgrade-only is totally warranted, especially when it comes to things that cost you (as the creator) extra money. Paid users deserve some extra perks. The free tier of Flowlab is already very powerful.