Will PAY well for help with a few features/bugs in my game using FlowLabs Team Collaboration.


Ive been working on my game designed for mobile for a bit of time now and theres still a few bugs and features I cant quite figure out how to implement, Im going to purchase the Indie package on FlowLab soon which grants me access to the team collaboration feature. Im willing to pay if someone could fix the bugs and add some features not finish the game. Im also not just paying a couple of bucks, Im willing to pay nicely to make sure itll be completely worth your time, Im only looking for someone who really knows how to use FlowLab. I can pay in anyway youd like.

Just comment and PM me if youre interested, we can discuss and negotiate everything there. Thank you!

First off, I believe you should post the game link just so people know what you’re asking them to help with. Not trying to be a critic, just trying to help.

Sorry, this is my third time writing this post as it was deleted twice due to a bug on the forums.

Here it is [Removed link, PM to see]

Again more details via PMs.

The game doesn’t seem to work on my phone, then again, I don’t really know what the controls are, I’m just clicking to dive and jump I guess. It doesn’t really seem that advanced of a project yet, so I might have time to help, as long as what you’re requesting isn’t abnormally difficult to implement. I guess just PM me the details and I’ll give you a yes or no. I’ve been using flowlab for about 5 years, so besides the other couple users on here that have been around about as long, I’m really not working on anything right now. I mean I have my own game, but it would take me at least a year to finish, and I don’t have time to even work on it, but I’m sure I can spare a couple days for your project if reasonable.


Others can still message me too if theyd like.

Also as Mhx Air said it is a fairly simple project and Im merely just looking for a few things to be added and fixed.

@Luminous or @CrimsonBlackGames want to take the offer? Mhx Ar said he might be interested but just checking to see if youve even seen this post yet.

I dont work for money, but Ill help

@CrimsonBlackGames Why not? Im more so paying to have it done not paying to have help with it. Id be more than glad to pay if you know what to do.

Simply because Id rather help someone out of my own free will than be paid for it

basically 30 bucks to fix a couple bugs and make a fish version of flappy bird. I can do it pretty easily, but I want to let one of you guys do it, because you could buy almost a full year of indie if any of you don’t have it. I have a job, so I figure if you guys are in high school or whatever, you can use the money if you don’t work.

Im in highschool but I just got finished with work, got myself a check. I think Im good

are there any experienced users besides Latif that don’t have indie? I say besides Latif, because he said he wanted to move in Godot or something, whatever that code engine was called

Hm, well Ill let this sit until Tuesday and continue to whomever wanted to work on it.

@CrimsonBlackGames Just in case Mhx Ar doesnt have time, youd be down to go into Team Collaboration and help me out on a few things? I can PM you the issues Im having.

Id prefer using the discord

@CrimsonBlackGames The Discord or just on Discord? Ill PM you mine.

The discord

@CrimsonBlackGames Link? There isnt an official one right?

Edit: Found it

Sorry man I have been so busy, I haven’t been getting much more than an hour or two of sleep per night all week. We had some people quit at my job and I’ve been working a lot. I’m also having car problems again and trying to get a loan to buy a new one. It’s just been a really bad last 3 weeks. I can’t really do anything right now unless you were gonna wait til I have more free time. That’s another reason I tried to push the idea to other users. I can’t even find time to do any of my hobbies.

Lol I should get a job and pay for an indie account.