Winter Flowjam 2021 - Slug and Men

Slug and Men is a game exploring the sides of two different races: Mankind; and Slugkind.
It’s your choice to pick who’s side your on.

Slugkind world: Industrial; post- apocalyptical; dark; gloomy; scary…

Mankind world: Happy(ish) ; things are not as they seem; you feel weird things are happening; weird…

(The message to the game is that difference does not matter…)
(The link to the theme: Growing, is reincarnation. [My 2nd fear])
If you want to be personal, I’m afraid of it because (maybe) when we die… we become a new person… New mind; new memories; new life… No memories of the life filled with good memories we use to have… heck… We might’ve had a good life before this one… (Sorry for nightmares)


I’m thinking… Maybe I should restart with a new game…

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That’s up to you it’s also a better idea to post about your game after the jam, cause people can milk this.

Meh… It’s the designer that can create from the idea… Not the idea itself.


I think its a great idea to post some sort of idea about you game cause I now know that Slug and Men is Scrapstudios idea and if there are any copies then we know that they copied from him.
In a way yes, I feel that posting your ideas during a jam could give it away and people will probably take advantage of that by trying to make a game to combat it, but its all probably just friendly competition and most people on flowlab are not that low, so you probably don’t have to worry about anything.

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And it doesn’t matter the idea. It’s how the creator uses it and creates with it. Someone could make a version of my game with the same idea. But it depends on who made the game better.