Winter Flowjam 2024 - Untypable Effects devlog

Untypable Effects

A Flowjam game whose real name/logo can’t be typed (or written). An unintended consequence of this would be umm… I’ll let you figure it out. The video below is a test gameplay footage. More soon.
Flowlab - Untypable Effects (demo)

video link

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This game is gonna be crazy. Anyway yesterday I started working on the background and the 0th cutscene (which is what I call the opening cutscene). More later I gotta pray right now


Whoops guys, I came back a few hours ago and have been making changes since then. So far I’ve

  • continued making the 0th cutscene
  • Started to draw some cars for the epic scene

Update 2

  • Finished the 0th cutscene (includes juicy VFX)
  • Added an NPC and another level
  • Set up some systems
  • Made some cool posters :sunglasses:
Cool backgrounds (credit if used in your game)


Flash Summary

snakes, cars & backgrounds

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Update 3

Hi, it’s me again. I’ve got like 20% of the game done at this point. I’m gonna make sure it’s fun.

  • Created an improvised block destruction device action sequence that uses several Message and Mailbox behaviors
  • Finished the NPC
  • Added dialogue (thanks PixelPizza)
  • Still working on the car
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Screenshots or GIFs?

Morpheus red pill blue pill The Matrix

  • Screenshots
  • GIFs
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(the game is kind of mid right now so I don’t blame anyone if they say no)
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Low priority:

  • Make options menu work (I don’t know how)
  • Make car
  • Buy a wand at Ollivander’s

High priority:

  • Make first boss
  • Add upgrade(s)
  • Mine at least 3 levels to craft a demo

Fun gameplay fact with lore:

Characters’ health is their age. For example, the main player character of this game is 25, so she has 25 points on her healthbar.

Update 4:

Hi. The game isn’t mid anymore. You can play it now, but I will be working on it until the end of the Flowjam submission time so be aware of that. I have a 3-level demo plan instead of the full game because of the fact that I was having some focus issues and separately from that, I was busy with school and went to a bunch of places like the arcade and multiple dollar stores (the former of which inspired one of my Gamougg drawings that I’m working on, and the latter of which may help improve the visuals and lore of the FCU a bit).

The “Screenshots or GIFs” poll is still tied btw, so please vote.

Bullet-point updates:

  • Created a block of metal that looks very unique
  • Added music to first two levels
  • Added glass, cement brick, wood, and road blocks.
  • Added 2 hanging signs and 4 posters

hOi everyone! Unfortunately, this game isn’t finished. I may or may not stream everyone’s Flowjam games, if I can get the stream(s) set up… …But I do have some plans for future updates, like, actually finishing the story and game this time, and animated skins for the players. The game link is in the first post, but here it is again: