Winter Flowjam: Top Down Environmental Puzzler

Hi guys, once again I’m attempting another flowjam. This time I hope to be featured XD

This game has terrible art, and the level select isn’t even done. However, I have most of the tutorial levels out of the way.

I’d greatly appreciate any help with the art, any specific tips or replacement sprites. I’m using pixel size 3 and the pineapple 32 pallet.

If you’d like to playtest to help find bugs, then just go to the levels in the editor, and play from there.

Link: Flowlab Game Creator - flowjam probably

Oh yeah, I’d also like some ideas for what to call it… Any thoughts?

But I have to get back to work! Good luck everyone!


I like it! Are you going to add mobile controlls for other people?


That’s a good idea. I’ll add it after I get the level select and the important things done.

New level screenshot!
Try it, on level 7



-Level select now fully works
-Added level 7
-Fixed leaves at end
-Moved temperature to top
-Moved tutorial to bottom

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Do i see… mixels? Apart from that, the tree looks nice

Where are they? Do the world borders count as them, even though I still used the same pixel size?

Well, I don’t know, maybe it would look better in the game, since the borders won’t be visible.

Welp everyone pretty much everything is done. I haven’t gotten a chance to add sound, so I think I’ll do some of it at school.

Could people play and give a few more suggestions before the time’s up?


You should make a way to restart the level.

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I did, it’s in the side panel

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Oh, ok. This game is pretty fun! How does one beat the wildfire level?

oh, try looking in the bushes, there’s water hidden in there.

Just wondering, about how fast did you complete it? I know that the levels can be pretty easy, I’m working on making more.

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I completed every level but the last one in probably 15- minutes.

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Thanks, helps a lot

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Well, I’m not the best at puzzles. If someone else speed ran it, I bet they could do 7 in ten minutes.

Nooooo my Werble
Screenshot 2024-01-10 3.36.38 PM

Also there’s this level that summons me at the end.

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:laughing: yayyy that’s what ur supposed to say!

What do you mean by this? Also I may have fixed this bug earlier, definitely a bunch of messing around to get the saves to work

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New level to make you ashamed when you burn the werble


@Flying_Fajita, who’s hubba bubba?

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