Wires deleting themselves

So I posted that a little bit ago, and I now noticed that it’s also just deleting it randomly. Sometimes when I enter the bundles that the code is in, the wire just disappears. I am making an incredibly complex thing, and the wire it is deleting happens to be a very important wire. @grazer please fix this bug because it makes it really hard to work on this project when the wire keeps disappearing.

  1. I think what is happening is that when I enter the bundle, it is some reason registering the click to enter the bundle as a click to delete the wire. (If this is true this could be happening to other people when they enter a bundle)

  2. Or, because the input is on a List Modify, maybe the input to the Value gets registered first, and then it gets registered after that that a Number List is the main List input, so it removes the connection because it recalculates the input needed.