Witherdragon4 fan club

this is a discussion for fans of people that are graveyard fans and the creator i am the captain of this club


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Not saying @witherdragon4 does not deserve her (or his) own fan club, but you do know it was not created them, right?

lmao @“The Kodex” what? speak engrish pls

he is asking if you know @witherdragon4 did not make graveyard

I think this is a spoof of the Latif Fanclub which witherdragon4 is the president of. OP’s post is almost the exact same message as the Latif Fanclub one.

what should my reaction be…? :confused:

Probably scream and run away @witherdragon4

and go to the nearest shoe shop and ask for a cheeseburger


Hey guys I lost my computer so I created a new account on my phone

Then Why Did You Post?

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