Wizard quest update log

this is the update log for my new game wizard quest


heres some baba booye spray

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w h a t

look it up(must be 20 characters)

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hey guys Im looking to add touch controls any ideas

have intrface buttons if you click on them it sends a message to move

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quick update my school has just shut down so updates to the game and my prescience in the community will go up

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hey guys any Idea of how to make an ememy run towards the player

yes,since im lazy ill just summon @“Jr 01”

Is the game a platformer or a top-down?

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top down(this has to be 20 charecters)

Well, one way is to have them always point towards the player and move forwards, but that it a bit boring at times, you can always try copying JR01’s homing rocket code and making small edits, that works for a top-down enemy moving towards the player

you can do it without rotation just lost the link

Hey guys I want to make so when you die you just restart the level not the game any Ideas

You can use the next level behaviorScreenshot 2020-10-14 at 7.55.05 AM

thank any Ideas for hp

here is a video: Link
there are also examples on other things here: examples

the game is now on itch.io

what should I work on next

  • new spell
  • improve sprites
  • new level
  • multiplayer

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Im giving away I key for the game on pc ill select someone random from below