Wolfenstein Clicking

Is there any way to make something clickable while using wolfenstein effect? I dont know much about it but i dont want to waste a bunch of time making the game i am trying to make and it not working.

What do you mean? I’d gladly help if i understood what you were talking about?

So I’m making a knockoff FNAF with wolfenstein effect and i dont know if you are able to click things in wolfenstein. Like the doors or lights.

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i still don’t understand, can you explain what you mean by “wolfenstein clicking effect”

Do you know what wolfenstein effect is?

no? wolfenstein is that old fps game

Nevermind then. It makes a game 3D.

So I understand quite a bit about Wolfenstein and clicking should be possible. If you are seeing the object then you should be able to click it (So if you saw the enemy on screen that means it should just be clickable).

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Okay. Thanks.

still don’t understand how this relates to the wolfentstein franchise, developed by id software

Wolfenstein started it

it is a well known fact wolfenstein invented clicking

I don’t think you know what Wolfenstein is. Wolfenstein is a method of creating a 3d model in 2d. This is done by sending out raycasts in a FOV and drawing a line on the screen at different heights depending on the distance the ray traveled


ohh, thought you talking about the game

This effect was first created for the Wolfenstein games so they named the method that. This has been done in several other games like halo, but died down due to the rise of using polygons to create 3d. But, Wolfenstein is still a good way of creating 3d in an engine like flowlab which normally has no 3d capability.


Whoa when how? I didn’t know this effect was used in Halo

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just looked it up, I think it might have only been used by the Wolfenstein people, guess I can’t tell the difference between 2 shooting games

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yea i think halo used polygons


Yeah I know otherwise it would be too much like DOOM

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