World Map

so i need help. i need to know if it is possible to make it to where you are at the world map, and when you first start, the only level you see/can play is level 1. Then after you beat level 1, the player goes back to the map then they can play level 2. then after you beat that level, the next one is playable, and so on. And after you beat all the levels in that world, the next world is available.

If any one knows how to do this, please let me know.

ive actually been working on something like this i used +x and +y posistion option

Have every level completion raise a save block’s number by one, and have every level unlocked when the save is at it’s number.

k! thanks for the help! :smile:

:wink: :+1: :smile:

No problem!

ive actually made a full on mario oveworld movement for mine

@glithctyrus cool!

i can show you if you want…The Hero of the stars