Would anyone out there be willing to help me make music for HAKK3R?

Hey, Flowlab!
My name is @browngr, and I am a programmer here. I’m currently working on a game called “HAKK3R”, and have recently run into a problem. Finding original, free to use music.
If you look into the game, you may find that I’ve searched the web for a while to find music from all kinds of places. It was never original, and would have blocked me from being able to market the game as I intended to do.
I am looking for someone out there who could create music in a similar style to the game “Batman Arkham Knight” for example.
Of course said someone would receive credit, and if they so wished, of course I would share the revenue. (In fact I think I legally have to? It’d be great if someone could confirm that)
So yeah, if anyone is interested in creating soundtracks for ViperTeck, (and knows how to…) you have my attention!!!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqNUbGK9tFM&list=PLO1Tb0ibatGOQFLcmJdUPb9X25wQvGohH (Batman Arkham Knight OST)
https://flowlab.io/game/play/1273550 (HAKK3R)

Looks like the Batman Arkham Knight Link didn’t work…
Let me post some specific songs from the playlist that give the general idea of the game:


if you want arkham knight music ust this https://downloads.khinsider.com/game-soundtracks/album/batman-arkham-knight-original-video-game-score-vol.-1

go onto the song you want then click this Screenshot 2020-02-29 at 5.33.07 PM once you are in copy the url and it will work

I know I’ve used it in a game before

cough copyright cough


@seamothmaster45 the reason @“JR 01” commented that is exactly why I posted this:
I can’t market the game or like it as much if I have music that is from something else. I want something that makes the game its own thing. I was only using Batman Arkham Knight as an example because that’s the kind of music I want…

ohhhhhh I see I thought you were saying that is the music you wanted sorry!

You’re good!

… Do you know anyone who could help out?

other than @Eric_Matyas no

one sec playing paper.io

I Could Maybe Help

Im Genetycaly Modified For These Things

XD @GrimProdutionZ great!
Can you show me a sample of your music? Just so that I can get a grip on what it’s like?

Umm Ok I’ll Start On The Music A Has None One This Mac Im Using So I’ll Have To Create A Sample

Oh Crap No Music Software Either Gots To Download