Would it be possible to recover a game i deleted?

i deleted the wrong game earlier today and i really liked it, would i be able to recover the game?

@grazer can recover it for you, unless the game was deleted very long ago. Then it would be near impossible for it to be recovered.

yeah it was within the last hour, so it should be possible then.

I assume “rocket game” was the one you deleted accidentally. It has been restored.

I see in another thread that “komplex” was the game you wanted to restore - I undeleted that one as well.

thanks so much! (character limit)

Hey so I have the same problem and the project I was making was for school, is it possible for you to help


@grazer above

There is a glitch you can recover games if you have the link

Yeah it’s not a glitch, it’s just how websites work I guess kind of hard to explain. And if you do get the link it doesn’t show up in your inventory.

ik, its still useful if you have free version, you could do a game who’s a library of every of your deleted games

I think the delete after a while though I’m not sure