Wrong value at end of flow. Data race problem?

I am new to flowlab.io. Could you tell me why I cannot get proper values (1 and 1) on both Numbers at the the end?

it’s because behaviours in flowlab run based on where they are.
lower behaviours more to the right go last.

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Galactian is right, the “Scan Order” is making the filter output before the 1 reaches the bottom number.
The “Scan Order” works like a CRT tv where they are scanned left to right and up to down.

Here’s what it should look like:


Ok. I think I understand it a little more now.

Update… I do not understand :frowning: So what would be the proper placing of blocks to go trough 2 list of values and compare them. I tried to use for each in chain but it provided quite unexpected results

The idea : compare all values from each of table on push only pairs with ABS sum smaller then provided value

For provided sets -1,0,1 and -1,0,1 it should results in pairs: -1,0; -1,+1; 0,-1; 0,0; 0,1; 1,-1; 1,0

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Your q and r bundle inputs are backwards inside the bundle