X, Y, and Z axis.

An optional mode in flowlab, which introduces a new set of behaviors to go with the pre-existing ones.
Adding Z axis to your game can be found in the settings menu. Straight forward, a simple idea, yet extremely complicated to do suggestion, easier ways to make 3D games.

Making it 3D would completely redesign the engine of Flowlab from scratch and would not be the ideal 2D engine. Though for similar features for a 2D plat former would be to get better access of the layers in the Game World layer. Such as to make it where any objects on layer to 2 would not collide with layer 3 objects or vice versa. More feature to layers would be the ideal equivalent to z axis without transform into a 3D engine.

That makes a lot more sense, yeah. It was just an idea I had

i agree. flowlab wouldn’t be flowlab if it were 3D