YEET reviews

OK, so I am not really good at flowlab, and decided it would be a good idea to share my game to the community. I do not have a good sense of making characters, and I bet a lot of people agree. At the time I am making this post, this is a unfinished game. Give me a feedback plz, and I do not care if you sort of have to be harsh, it’s fine. Just plz feedback.

@ACDHRIIVEALS Link please :slight_smile:

oh I always forget:

I am still adding so it’s just 1 level

Good start, but feels pretty unfinished which is understandable since you just started. My suggestions: Less neon green background and the springs bounce waaay too high (Which is kinda fun tbh) Good luck continuing the game!

I will do both. I agree with that neon green, but obviously green will be used on a first level.

I noticed that the second checkpoint doesn’t work once I have gotten the first one. Anyone knows why?
This is what the player is running

Screenshot (9)

The checkpoint is running this
Screenshot (8)

The checkpoint is running this
Screenshot (8)

The players running the top one

You could create your own art instead of the default

I am trying my art skills on a different game, so I will let you know when I am going to start. Player may take a while…

Does using a sprite from flow lab to change the colors count as “Original” art. I hear lots of yes and nos sometimes

Technically yes, but normally it’s best to try out your own art. If youu are new at this, I always recommend this book.