Yo i made a new game but idk if its polished enough

Over the past 2 weeks, i have been working on a game for fun that i’ve wanted to make for a while but have had no motivation to do so. i just wanna know if there is anything i can do to polish it further. i can add 5 more objects before hitting max objects, and i just want it to be the best it can be before moving to my other project im working on
Game: Flowlab Game Creator - Slightly Long Boss Fight


Well, there is a couple things you can do to it, but for me I would;

  • make an animation for the pause button?
  • mouseclick to shoot, instead of spacebar?
  • easier readable text?

but overall, i like it! Good job!


ok thanks, ill take that into mind and try to implement those things

This is surprisingly enough, really fun! I’ve got some small critiques though.

  1. Mortar moves way too fast and unpredictably. Having to multitask between looking at which tiles are safe while also trying to aim at him ,for me at least, feels very weird.
  2. I think adding some particle effects when killing/hitting a boss along with the boss flashing white would add a good bit to the game feel.
  3. The wall boss thingy is just unfun.
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oh ok, thanks for the criticism, i’ll try to work on balancing those two and add some more particles

Great game like no joke, very fun, although your secrets which I found out are kinda overpowered, not sure if it was like dev stuff or actual feature. One thing I think you should add is full screen thought, it’s a small thing but would be nice!

Over all though I’m bad, give me a year and maybe I’ll beat boss rush! Thanks for giving me something to do! Also realized the mini red lazer does nothing, no damage, just scares you, not sure if this is intended.

Oh yeah its dev stuff to blitz through the levels to like check all the animations are working and stuff. and yeah good idea, im gonna add it rn, thanks

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the mini red lazer is just there to show you where the mini shooty thingys are going to shoot next to give you a bit of extra time to think

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