You can get a jump boost on my coins please help this is out of my control FIXED

@grazer please help my coins are letting the player get a jump boost for no reason

In the run & jump bundle;
The collision to turn the jump on is set to any.
so if you touch anything, you can jump again.
You need to make it not let you jump when you collect a coin.
You can:

  1. Hand pick what what you touch will let you jump again,
    you would need to make a collision for Every object that you can jump off.

  2. This was found by CrimsonBlackGames;
    Set the any collisionsto an AND gate,
    make a collision set to the coin,
    set the coin collsion to an XNOR gate,
    set the XNOR gate to the AND gate
    Picture of solution:

  3. use a raycast instead of collision with previous solutions

  4. use a proximity instead of collision with previous solutions

what do you mean by previous solutions I’ve only had this problem 2 days-ish ago as soon i saw it i came and made this disscussion

3 & 4 is to 1 & 2 but replacing the collision. Collision works well, but do whatever you think is best or easier for you. Though for just the coin, I would look at solution 2.

@“JR 01” i only have 5 or 4 blocks that you can walk and jump on so i hand picked them sorry