You can't beat my game

Hey guys!

I’ve just completed a CRAZY parkour course. Flowlab Game Creator - The Vironia Saga

Here’s the saga link. Escape is the name of the game… and you can’t beat it. I know, at least I’m 90% sure, that it’s beatable. Once you win, send your record time on this topic.



WAD to move.
Shift or left mouse click to dash.
F for fullscreen.
P to pause.

If you can beat this game, you are no longer a skill issue.


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only the first checkpoint works and the dash is near useless


That’s bad game design. There’s a possibility that it’s impossible, and you don’t want an impossible game do you?


I’ve played it over 130 times. I’ve gotten to the final block, then accidentally dashed and fell, so I basically beat it.

If you don’t use the dash, you won’t be able to beat a few of the parts.

What do you mean by this?

When you die you get sent back to the very first checkpoint in the game. None of the others work.

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Still near useless since using it gets you killed in most parts.

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Once you unlock 10 checkpoints, you win. This is a screenshot of me on the final landing pad.

Over 130 times yet you haven’t even fully beaten it. Even Kaizo Mario(Hacks of Mario World that add new, very hard levels) isn’t that unfair.

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Then why are they called checkpoints if they don’t perform the function of a checkpoint.

I just beat it. It’s the sort of game that you aren’t expected to beat. There will soon be a leaderboard.

Try reloading the tab. All of the checkpoints work just fine. The only thing we need to fix are the hearts.

Each checkpoint serves two purposes:
As a respawn point
and as a difficulty counter.

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Lesson for you: learn to accept what other people tell you. And fix your game based on that. The world [of Flowlab] may or may not have allegedly given up on me, but you are still being given a chance. Take it.

Also your checkpoints seem to follow the dictionary definition of what a checkpoint is, but not the definition of what it means in a video game. Try learning actual game design AND Flowlab coding or other Flowlab stuff.

Now I actually change my game according to the reviews I get instead of blatantly just contradicting what the reviewers say and arguing with them like I used to. Just stop arguing and take other people’s opinions in. It may be very hard to do because you think you know more about your own game than others, but other perspectives are very necessary. Not to mention that not taking others’ opinions into consideration is rude and disrespectful, and pretending to do so while not actually doing so is just plain dishonest.

TL;DR, stop arguing and take other people’s criticisms in (and fix your game in this and other gamedev cases).


OK, first, what would you like the checkpoints to be like?
Second, should I made two more levels? Easy and normal? -The present being hard mode?

Ok, I’ve decided. I’m going to create three different courses. From easy to hard. The timer runs the whole time and if you die, the game pauses for five seconds.

Yeah the other checkpoints besides the first just kills you again and again once you spawn in


Never mind, sometimes it works and sometimes doesnt(and yes I know about the hearts) not sure why its inconsistent

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The answer is probably horrible coding. I’ll check a bit later.

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