You can't beat my score

I got to 684 (but had to reset the values thanks to a bug)

This game is completely procedural! it will and can be played infinitely

Plz give your suggestions/bugs

also i am “we are number 1”

I like the idea and its a well made game, but the jumping is super annoying. I wish there was some sort of a way to increase and decrease the amount you jump. Like in Super Mario, the longer you hold down the jump button the higher he goes. Which would be super helpful for this type of game so you can determine the length of a jump you need. Or some sort of way to fall faster by a key or something.

Just some ideas. Other than that its a pretty fun game.

any ideas of how i would increase the gravity?

Maybe you could use arrow keys and the down key makes you fall faster. Although I don’t have any specific ways of going about this, but I figured it would be a feature that would make the game a bit better. I never really fidgeted with endless runners much, except with a game a made a while back ago which really didn’t need this type of feature, so I honestly don’t know. But I’m sure maybe JR_01 might have an idea or someone else could think of something.

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i was thinking if you release space but how would i increase gravity? that really isn’t a feature

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Unless you have the player inpulse down or have a low y velocity movement to move him downward. Like in a top down movement game. Just apply that into a playformer.

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dude i cant fuc**ng jump!!!

Don’t say the f word :upside_down_face:

sorry i was trying to make it better but made it worse and i was kicked off so i couldn’t fix it ill tell you when its fixed again

ok and @MelloJello technically i didn’t say it


@MelloJello i beeped it lol

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Still, don’t say it :upside_down_face:

hows it now? i implemented my own gravity system

waaaaaaay better!

i almost beat your score second place!! :frowning:

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you can play it multiple times if you want!

i beat ittttttt leeets gooooo 534

sorry for my name i thought it was funny

no peeking

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Look at the leaderboard