You should play my game

Insanity Parkour is growing faster than I expected!
I’m selling my game in different places for different prices.
If you want the cheapest price, go here.

If you have any feedback, either comment on this discussion or on the game page!


But its only $2 xD

OK. Can i play it for free.

Just so you know, you shouldn’t be getting too ambitious from the start. People generally won’t pay for a game if there seem to be better ones out there, especially for free. Even if you put it online for free, people don’t download games that seem to be a waste of space.
They look for promising graphics, flawless gameplay and elements that make the game special. Typically, developers go through a lot of trouble making $2 games, including years of past experience. Take it slow!

Why are you making us pay, we have so many good creators putting out for free, and here you are. It doesn’t matter if its cheap, it just matters the heart and soul you put into it, and if its just a cash grab, then what’s the point anyway?

If it’s ‘only $2’, why do you want people to pay for it? Just like Luminous said. why would people want to support you when there are way better games you can play for free?

Take a look at the games page in newgrounds. These are all made by indie game developers just like you, and those games are obviously free to play, because that’s the whole point of newgrounds, sharing your own creations and get feedback from people.

Well, why are those guys not asking for money? Because asking for money means you’re going start a business. If many people play your game, and many people pay for it because they like it and want to support the developer(s). You can spend more time on making games and spend less on your job. If you’re getting so much money, you could even have enough money to quit your job and work full-time on games, but that’s only something for the real professionals.

An easy way to make money from your games is just adding ads to it. Everyone can do that easily.

Last thing, there’s just a link to your game. People don’t even have to pay. \(?)/

I hope you understand now.

@AddoPlayz I didnt want to comment on this but I wouldnt mind if it was free, but this is a very poorly made game for being $2.

Edit: FlowLab games that would be worth purchasing (if they were paid)

The Graveyard
Starblast Series (Probably Starblast 3)
Any PixelPizza Game

If you could get your games to that quality, or around there, it would definately be worth something.

I can’t even get passed the 2nd level. I feel dumb.

Also, just because you cut a block into a triangle in the sprite editor, doesn’t mean it’s gonna actually have the properties of a triangle.

@PixelStudios aww that’s sweet of you haha.

@AddoPlayz don’t feel down for the feedback. Feedback is always good. You can improve your knowledge at flowlab, improve your art and make a better game that everyone will love.
Always seek to add a different and fresh thing to your games.
Good luck & Never stop creating! :wink:

I’m not one who is better than you in the game development department (after all i’ve only been on this platform for less than a month), but expecting money from people using assets you didn’t make and a game that can be considered lackluster at best does not warrant the breaking out of my wallet for you. If I were you I would improve my game until it was something others would want to play.

@BitWit @PixelPizza @Greggo @PixelStudios @Latif3 @Corban @Luminous @“Worldwide Rj2”

I made it free until I get a ton more downloads. Thanks for being such a great community! <3

Of course, keep at it until you’ve got yourself one amazing game!

Thanks @AddoPlayz! Cant wait

@PixelPizza Well said

@AddoPlayz WOW! Its great. Its really hard tho. Its like the last lvl of Sumo Fighter.

@“Worldwide Rj2” Thanks! I made it for a school project and everyone was dying and it was 40mins of heaven! Watching everyone fail at a game that I made to be VERY hard! I kinda want to know what level you got to btw.

And don’t forget to leave a rating and review! <3