YouTube tutorials coming soon!

Read the first topic please! (if you didn’t read it)

WARNING: A wall of text incoming

I’ll upload the videos on Tuesday. Because it’s my last school day :smiley:
I have a list of the tutorials. But I’m still adding and removing stuff… So I think it’s not a good idea to show it now.

I won’t be very active on flowlab with making games. Because I can only make 3 games and I don’t want to delete them. Because they are too awesome to delete (I’m not rich, sorry). Oh and one game is for the tutorials :confused: So only 2 games… So I’ll only help people…

If you need help and you want a video tutorial. Just tell me! You won’t annoy me! I love to help people (in flowlab).

Grappling Hook tutorial

Oops I forgot the videos and it’s Wednesday for me…

Hey Latif, where are the videos? I’m excited to see what you did :slight_smile:

I forgot the videos. Sorry, I’ll upload them now :wink:

I have to make all videos again. The quality is horrible… I don’t care about that. But you can’t even read a word. And that’s the problem :cry:

I made the videos again. But I noticed after making all videos that the cursor was invisible (in the videos). So it’s hard to see where I click.

I really hate myself xD
Now I have to make the videos for the THIRD time.


good luck