Z-Axis on Camera.

You really need to be able to camera zoom, I’ve tried to fake this by making objects larger with the size behavior but it either doesn’t work or bugs out.

Trust me, this and background animations have been something I’ve been bugging Grazer about since 2014. If it were at the top of his priority list, it would already be in, but I know that there’s a lot more important things and some bugs that need to be worked out first.

I’m pretty sure at least five people have requested a z cam of some sort, either for cinematic effect, or just to be able to see a bigger part of the screen for a boss fight or something, or zoom in on an object, whatever the reason, it’s been pretty commonly requested, so unless you were going to use a 3D engine like unity and pretend to make a 2-D game in a 3D environment, we just have to wait.