5 Positions Available

Hello everyone! If you had talked to me before, I might’ve told you that I have a YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGb0Ut4-aawQYjW2YycKHyw
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But…it’s not doing well with…well a lot of stuff! Not trying to get suspended or banned or anything, but I need help with editing, managing, and preventing my channel from getting hacked or anything. So, I’m assigning positions. The first one is, manager. You get to manage the channel every once in a while. You make sure it doesn’t have very bad risks of getting hacked or anything. Second is the editor. The editor will help me with editing the videos if I don’t understand how to do it and help with finding information around the channel. Third is the limited editor. You help me with editing also, but with the little stuff. Like if we need to find out what someone said that was bad and ban him/her, you need to figure out and ban him. Fourth is the viewer. You need to keep guard of the channel and make sure nothing wrong happens to it and if something happens, notify me. The fifth and final one is the limited viewer. You only check once in a while and cover for the viewer. Ask me in the comments, if I allow you, privately message me your email so I can send an invite to Youtube. Also, make sure it’s your google email.

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anyone? please? PLEASE???

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Nord VPN will help you not get hacked (kinda a joke) also if your not good at everything yet that’s ok you’re supposed to learn along the way most youtube channels don’t get much help and when your channel grows there will be less bad people and you won’t care about banning them