Ace Vanguard - Final Update Released

This is my first and most refined game. Please enjoy and/or leave a comment.


Wow! This is pretty good! It’s really fun too. I like how there is variety between the four ships, even if agility doesn’t seem to be very useful.

Thanks! My favorite has to be the defense ship

The speed ship seems to be the strongest, you can really just stand still and hold attack (and spin). Actually… all the ships can sit still and spam attack, but i think speed’s attack breaks bullets?

hmmm… maybe you could experiment with motor and side drifting for some really cool tricks!

I’ll see what I can do!

Very nice, I like it

Thank you! What is your favorite character?

Do you think the enemies should be harder?

maybe add more difficulty progression, after a while it doesn’t get much harder.

spencertheball is right

Hey @Caden9 - this is really impressive and polished for your first game. Nice work!

hi grazer (2020202020

Thank You! I really enjoyed making it and I think it’s really impressive what you’ve accomplished Flowlab.

Okay, so I’ve added increasing spawn rates and enemy velocity to solve the problem. If you would like, you could go and re-check it out to see if you like it.

Haven’t played it yet, but just a heads up if you go further with the game: the video game “Vanguard” is actually already used by a Finnish game company, so there could be legal issues if you so wish to put this on other platforms.

Thanks for the warning!

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sorry for late reply
I like the speed ship, because of its shield attack. its quite easy to stay safe when you ram into other ships

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Yes, yes it is. Watch out for those lasers, though!

I like the title page… looks like classic NES.