Achievement Viewer on Games

So currently there is no way to view what Achievements someone has (I know you are working on this Grazer), but I think it would be really cool if below the game title/description (Maybe next to the Edit button) there was a button called “View Achievements”.
What this would do is it would show the possible Achievements that you can get and the ones you have. (Would also be really cool if could see who else had those Achievements)

Another idea could be that you are able to see the list of Achievements in game with a behavior that looks like the Leaderboard behavior, but instead of showing scores it displays the Achievements you can get/have.

You could already be making something like this, but if you’re not I thought I’d throw the idea out there.

Thank you again for such an amazing ever evolving platform.


So it would be similar to the badges you get on the forums? So you can view the icon of the achievement and all who have earned it.


Yeah it would be like that, but also having a button under the game would allow you to see the Achievements directly linked to that game (Maybe there would be an option to disable seeing the badges the player doesn’t have if the developer doesn’t want to spoil anything)


I like the idea of showing the achievement name, but not showing the requirements until the achievement has been obtained. It allows players to think about how to obtain an achievement solely by relying on the hints that the achievement name is giving (for example, “collector” in the achievement name implies that you must collect a certain amount of items).

That’s what I am planning on doing with my games.


Achievement viewer is still in the works


I know grazer is working on this, this was just an interesting idea I had


How do you make achievements in

achievements are an indie only feature, also, please make your own topics instead of posting on 2 year old ones.

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