Add animations to sprite stack

is it possible to add animations to a spritestack?
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I’d recommend the guide Sup3r made, it said what he did. It’s a pretty tedious process, but it’s possible.
Another problem is that it can take a lot of animation frames for each layer, so if you have a decent sized object you may need to worry about the memory warning.

Basically what it was is to just add a B value to the expression that decides the frame.
Doing this you can move all the frames up to a new frame. For something simple like a single frame animation like sup3r did it’s alright, but otherwise I’d recommend just using a different animation and then using the “B” value as a router input to select a specific one. Easier to keep things organized this way.

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do you have a link to his topic?

There aren’t any novel concepts, but it’s a decent guide for those who don’t know anything about sprite stacking. Personally I don’t think it offer much more than JRs example, but I know Flowlab really well so I can take most information in by just looking at the code.