Advance Orbit Example - JR 01

New Orbit Bundle is out!


Including Ellipse and Tilt!

Ellipse Atom

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Advance Orbit Example

Advance Orbit Example is now available with the new features of creating Ellipses and Tilting of the orbit as a whole. Circles are nice but Ellipses have many more uses for design and mathematics, but what has really been holding me back is finding a way to rotate the orbit itself to allow more complex problems that I’ve been wanting to do. But also as a result, we have a lot more inputs we can use. Most of the inputs are the same from the previous bundle, but now we’re making Ellipses.



  • Angle - This sets where the Orbit will start (in Degrees).
  • Speed - This controls how fast it spins in the Orbit. This has been lowered since the last bundle to help simulate Velocity. Numbers around 0 - 100 is recommended.
  • X Distance - This is how wide you want your circle (in pixels).
  • Y Distance - This is how tall you want your circle (in pixels).
  • X - This is the X location of the object that it’s orbiting
  • Y - This is the Y location of the object that it’s orbiting
  • Rotation - This is the angle that the orbit will tilt to (in Degrees).

To make perfect circles, then you can just input the same Distance for X and Y.
These variables can be changed at anytime, the math updates instantly.


  • Angle - Always outputs the location on the Orbit.
  • Point - Outputs the direction to the center of you orbit inputted.

Mathmatics Explained:

Here is a deeper dive on how the Mathmatics works:
How does the orbit example work? - #7 by JR_01

Example Games:

Advance Orbit Example: Flowlab Game Creator - Advance Orbit Example
Advance Sin & Cos Example: Flowlab Game Creator - Advance Sin & Cos Example

Orbit Example: Flowlab Game Creator - The Orbit Example
Sin & Cos Example: Flowlab Game Creator - Sin & Cos Example

The new Bundle may be a bit complicated to figure out, so I would suggest using the normal Orbit example if you are struggling or just need a normal circle to move around an object. If there are any issues, confusion, bugs, or help, then let me know by leaving a comment below or by mentioning me.


Give that man a Tinker Badge :grinning:


This is so amazing. Suprised once again. Congrats JR


What are you doing for the second gif, the blue orb is on a higher layer then a lower layer when behind it, how?- did you spawn a new object or something there or use an attachment or something?

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good point, and done :slight_smile:


I used an attachment, I wanted to get fancy with the Atom. I didn’t do this with the solar system because the sun was small enough that felt good and didn’t make the planet’s go behind it (aka I got lazy and didn’t want to double the amount of planets).

Thanks Grazer :slight_smile:

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Oh okay, neat :slight_smile:

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Dang, very impressive!


Small update, I made it where there is no overflow in the system, so this system can literally run forever. Also because of this, was able to take out a few extra behavior code.

There are no real changes on how it works or what it does, just some fine tuning.

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