Advance Orbit Example - JR 01

New Orbit Bundle is out!


Including Ellipse and Tilt!

Ellipse Atom

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Advance Orbit Example

Advance Orbit Example is now available with the new features of creating Ellipses and Tilting of the orbit as a whole. Circles are nice but Ellipses have many more uses for design and mathematics, but what has really been holding me back is finding a way to rotate the orbit itself to allow more complex problems that I’ve been wanting to do. But also as a result, we have a lot more inputs we can use. Most of the inputs are the same from the previous bundle, but now we’re making Ellipses.



  • Angle - This sets where the Orbit will start (in Degrees).
  • Speed - This controls how fast it spins in the Orbit. This has been lowered since the last bundle to help simulate Velocity. Numbers around 0 - 100 is recommended.
  • X Distance - This is how wide you want your circle (in pixels).
  • Y Distance - This is how tall you want your circle (in pixels).
  • X - This is the X location of the object that it’s orbiting
  • Y - This is the Y location of the object that it’s orbiting
  • Rotation - This is the angle that the orbit will tilt to (in Degrees).

To make perfect circles, then you can just input the same Distance for X and Y.
These variables can be changed at anytime, the math updates instantly.


  • Angle - Always outputs the location on the Orbit.
  • Point - Outputs the direction to the center of you orbit inputted.

Mathmatics Explained:

Here is a deeper dive on how the Mathmatics works:
How does the orbit example work? - #7 by JR_01

Example Games:

Advance Orbit Example: Flowlab Game Creator - Advance Orbit Example
Advance Sin & Cos Example: Flowlab Game Creator - Advance Sin & Cos Example

Orbit Example: Flowlab Game Creator - The Orbit Example
Sin & Cos Example: Flowlab Game Creator - Sin & Cos Example

The new Bundle may be a bit complicated to figure out, so I would suggest using the normal Orbit example if you are struggling or just need a normal circle to move around an object. If there are any issues, confusion, bugs, or help, then let me know by leaving a comment below or by mentioning me.


Give that man a Tinker Badge :grinning:


This is so amazing. Suprised once again. Congrats JR


What are you doing for the second gif, the blue orb is on a higher layer then a lower layer when behind it, how?- did you spawn a new object or something there or use an attachment or something?


good point, and done :slight_smile:


I used an attachment, I wanted to get fancy with the Atom. I didn’t do this with the solar system because the sun was small enough that felt good and didn’t make the planet’s go behind it (aka I got lazy and didn’t want to double the amount of planets).

Thanks Grazer :slight_smile:


Oh okay, neat :slight_smile:


Dang, very impressive!


Small update, I made it where there is no overflow in the system, so this system can literally run forever. Also because of this, was able to take out a few extra behavior code.

There are no real changes on how it works or what it does, just some fine tuning.


Update 10/3/22:

This is just a quick update on some older examples.
The expressions were updated to use full unit circle formulas. As well, the inputs are now all using degree’s and radian is handled internally. Any values in the formula that aren’t inputs are removed.

Orbit code before & after:

Advance Orbit code before & after:

I also updated my Progress Bar example, but I never made a post for that.


Excuse me, how is this useful for game development???

The orbit bundle or the update?

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Anything that moves around in a circle is probably uses these formulas, and this bundle is supposed to make it really easy to do that. The most practical example is to have a gun rotate around the player. But there are much more you could do with it if you have an idea of rotating around another object. Below are some games that uses a orbit system (although may not have the bundle, but works in the same way).

Flowlab Game Creator - Controller Example
Flowlab Game Creator - Astronn Demo
Flowlab Game Creator - Focus II
Flowlab Game Creator - Focus III

The update just makes it easier for anyone who wants to break the bundle apart.

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The update improves the performance of the bundle and made it more simple.

The orbit is useful for all the things JR just mentioned and more

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Ohhh ok this makes much more sense now

I’ve been using the orbit bundle for a few different mechanics in a game I’m working. It’s allowed me to make some really cool stuff that I couldn’t have figured out without it!

That being said, this is a super cool bundle and I look forward to any updates or additions to it!

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