An autotile method I was trying doesn't work

I tried using the autotile that was used in the exploring Flowlab videos but for some reason when it uses the raycast feature it can’t find anything. it misses every time and I can’t figure out why. does anyone know what could be causing this?

this is the game, it’s the first time I’ve tried raycast blocks:

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Sorry if this doesn’t solve your problem. I’m sure hihilogic or JR_01 could help you with this. But I know that if you want your profile picture to show up, you can log in and out of the forums.

that would definitely explain that, and either way i’m 99% sure that this is just some random thing I missed rather than a problem with the original way it was coded

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If you copy-pasted the code, you have to make it fit your game and create all the necessary objects to make it work.

For Xephyrose

Also great to see a fellow anime fan here, welcome to the forums! Additionally, lmao technically contains a swear word, so it is better to spoiler it.

Hi, the auto-tile code wasn’t really there to be used. But you can use it if you want.
What’s missing is that you have to set the Raycast to your block (Brick) instead of Any Type.

How they should be:

How they are:

(You have to update all the raycasts in all the bundles)

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I see, that would definitely explain it, also I never realized how useful raycasts could be until now. I should really learn more about some functions I never use :\

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I evolve with Flowlab a lot. You can study my and other people’s Flowlab journeys if you want. Just play some of their oldest games, examine the code, and then play their newer games and do the same.

I also tried tile mapping recently, you can see what I’ve done with Dungeon Platformer.
What I did is add the hits together in Binary, the output value results to a frame in the animation.

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