Dungeon Platformer - JR 01

I needed to practice and wanted to test a few things out. So I made a Dungeon Platformer by using free assets from Itch.io store. I put the links to assets I used below.

As well I wanted to test some ideas on how I program in Flowlab. In the player, I’m using a “states” bundle that tells itself on what to do. This makes it easier to move and animate the player.

There are a few more things I’ve tried out, but I encourage you to look through the game. I’m still organizing a little but everything is sorted and easier to find.

Flowlab Game Creator - Dungeon Platform

Asset Packs:


Why do the enemies respawn when I die?

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The lamposts are checkpoints, anything you do after you pass a checkpoint will be reset if you die, so if you kill a monster after you pass a checkpoint then die the monster will reset.

Is this accurate @JR01??


Yep, It works where if you die, it resets.
If you reach the checkpoint (torches), anything you did before the checkpoint is saved.

If you killed an enemy and then got the checkpoint, that enemy will stay dead. This works with all expendables like enemies, coins, treasure, and keys.

This is a lot more fluid than to restart the level after every death.


Very cool! :+1:


This is really cool!
I like the states idea, too. It seems like it would simplify the code a lot.


It just looks freaking good, well done :slight_smile: