Any way that players can click on a playable character to change their current playable character?

Here is my game, I am trying to make this work.

Hi, as always, there are many ways to do this.

I would suggest the approach where you can change the player animations to look like they are playing with a different character.

Let’s say, you want to have 2 different playable characters.

So, you would need a “MouseClick”, a “Toggle”, and 2 Switches.
Every time you click on the character it would switch from one animation to another.

I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Also, your character looks like he’s the brother from the character in my Double Jump Example ahah
Which is ok though, keep on creating, and let me know if you need help with anything else. :smiley:

Thanks a lot! I was inspired by your double jump creation and made a similar character lol. I want another playable character to have walking animations, jumping animations, and so on. Will this work?

For example, in this shop example, there is a shop in which you can purchase characters and play as them. You will also notice that the characters have no walking animations or any other kinds. I would like to have this same sort of thing but with characters that I can make have walking and jumping animations.

That approach would work to have as many different animations as you would like.

But if you wish to have more than 2 characters, the simplest approach can not be the most effective.

You could also try to have different objects for each Different character (all of them with the same logic/behaviors). Whenever you select one of the characters from the shop, you would update a save behavior.

More on the save behavior here:

Then, when running the game level, have an object Load the Save, filter its value, and depending on the result - spawn the respective character.

Thanks a lot, but I don’t fully understand what you are saying. In the shop example, the characters are used as animations. I am wondering if some way I can replace those with spawn commands so that my characters can be objects. Also, is there a way I can activate team editing, because that would be helpful.

If not, an example of the last part of what you said would be helpful. Thanks!

I wasn’t very sure but I made one and well, it doesn’t exactly work. Can u tell me what I need to add, change, or fix? Thanks!

Ok, thanks

Would that object be in the shop or where the character is?

Hi, here some shop and character select examples from @“JR 01”

Live Shop example:

Shop example (What I described above):

Open the games and check the logic behind them.

Thanks, but I have already seen both of those and I am wondering if I can have several different characters that act as movable/playable objects. I want the characters to have their own animations.

You said “Then, when running the game level, have an object Load the Save, filter its value, and depending on the result - spawn the respective character,” but I don’t fully understand this part. Maybe this is exactly what I am looking for but I don’t really understand it. Could you maybe send me an example and tell me where to put the coding. Thanks a lot

This is the code that would be inside the specific object that loads the Save and Spawns the Player Object:

Depending on the Save value (1,2 or 3) it will spawn the respective Character Object.

On each of the Character objects, you will be able to add as many animations as you like.
Don’t forget to copy the code from one player character to all the others.

Ok this helps a lot, but in my game where would this code go or will I have to make a new object?

I would suggest to create a new object named “Spawn Character”.

you do not realy need to use that sistome you can make is yous global. diferint characters set diferint numbers and those same characters need those same numbers.

Hi, don’t forget to @ me. like this: @PixelPizza

The Player spawner object should be at all levels that you want to have a player in. (Level 1)
You didn’t copy the screenshot precisely. Make sure to connect the Once to “Read” not “Save”.

And make sure that when you buy the character, it saves which character you picked:
save char

Also @splash2018 , Globals wouldn’t work here because the values don’t carry over to other levels.

Ok thanks, Ill try it