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For the past year, I’ve been writing my first story that I haven’t dropped after a month, Demonlings. I finished the first book and am now writing the sequel to it. Anyways, I was thinking, why not share some of my stories and the art that comes with it on here? Besides, new year new me I guess. Why not share my works with a bunch of people instead of hiding it from any outside eyes.
Here I’ll be posting some pages from my stories and some of my artwork too, mainly including character designs and concept art for my stories. Btw, if any of this inspires to make a game or you want to use some of this stuff in your game go ahead.
Here’s added context for my stories:


Fern’s first year of highschool has already been hard enough. She already feels like an outcast and when her Mom disappears with no trace, things only get worse. Because her Mom wasn’t the only disappearance. People all over her city have been disappearing, but all of the people have one thing in common, jewelry with some symbol on it. And now Fern’s been developing powers, dangerous powers. And when she has a run in with two odd kids, Fern starts to realize that something much bigger than she could of ever imagined is happening.

Devilish Amusements

The Spectral Hotel, a place full of magic and wonder, but most importantly, a place where Amus’ roam free, free to use their gifts without having to worry about what others may do or think. But when 15 year old Sean finds himself in the hotel with no memory of how he’s gotten there or even who he is, he starts to find something much darker hidden below the wonderful and magical veil the hotel leads on.

WARNING: My stories do include some horror elements and death(Specifically Demonlings), although none of my art will show this, and if it does I’ll make sure there is an extra warning. But if you are not comfortable with reading about say someone getting impaled, then these might not be the best stories for you to read. Although I’m sure 99% of you guys can handle it and have probably read/seen much worse(I sure have), but a warning never hurts does it?


Madame Gondola welcomes you!
“For our first post, we’ll be showing you the prologue to Devilish Amusements!”

Prologue Here

Rain pattered on the dirt path as I dragged Morrie behind me. 
“Where are we going Mama?”Morrie asked me.
“Somewhere where you will be safe,”I answered. 
I knew Morrie wouldn't be safe in the world. I glanced down at Morrie's feet. The soft grass under Morrie’s feet frosted over within seconds. 
“Keep going Morrie, we’re almost there,”I said.
Morrie complied and we continued running down the path. We needed to get to the next town over. There we could find the hotel and Morrie could be safe. 
“Why aren’t I safe back in Potwin?”Morrie asked.
“You won’t understand yet, but one day you will. You don’t want to know what people will do,”I answered.
I knew Morrie wouldn’t understand if I explained her powers. She wouldn’t get why people would tremble in fear just by seeing her. People like her weren’t safe in the world, and as much as it pained me, I knew she couldn’t stay here.
We kept running till I spotted buildings coming in the distance. 
“We’re almost there darling, just a little farther,”I encouraged.
We ran through the empty streets of the town and I searched desperately at the buildings. I had heard that the hotel was in Tawahoe, so it had to be here somewhere. Then, I spotted it. A tiny building was squished in what appeared to have been an alleyway. The building had five stories, but was only about 10 feet wide. A sign above the purple wooden door said:

		Spectral Hotel

“This is it Honey,”I said,”We’re here.”
I let go of Morrie’s hand and glanced at my hand. It was covered in frost and I couldn’t even feel it anymore. 
I walked up to the door with Morrie trailing behind me. I knocked on the purple door. We waited there for a few minutes.
“I don’t think anyone is coming Mama,”Morrie said.
“No, someone has to come,”I said.
Surely someone would come out and see. Morrie’s only hope was this ■■■■ hotel. 
I knocked again, more frantically this time. Then, a woman appeared in thin air right in front of me. I jumped back in surprise. It was Madame Gondola, the owner of the hotel. She held a staff with an orange jewel on it, and wore a red, sparkling dress. A tophat sat on top of her long, brown hair. 
“May I ask why you are banging on my front door? Especially when we are about to worldwarp,”Madame Gondola asked.
“Please Madame,”I said,”My daughter Morrie it’s…”
Madame Gondola peered at my daughter and her eyes widened when she saw how the watery mud on the ground had frozen over under Morrie’s feet. 
“I see…”Madame Gondola said,”I will see she is taken care of here.”
I pushed Morrie forward towards the Madame,”You’ll be safe here dear, don’t worry.”
“But aren’t you coming with me?”Morrie asked. 
“N-no, I can’t. You have to brave this journey alone. But please…remember me,”I said.
Morrie’s eyes filled with tears,”B-but I don’t want to leave you.”
“Morrie, you have to do this. You’ll be safe with Madame Gondola. You’ll meet plenty of people you’re sure to love. You’ll live a life full of magic and wonder. And I know you’re strong enough to do it.”
“But Mama pleas-”
“Shh Morrie. This is what has to happen. But always remember…I love you. Forever and always.”
Madame Gondola grabbed Morrie’s hand cautiously,”Come on dear. You’ll be safe here. Wonder awaits you.”
Morrie looked at me and then turned away as Madame Gondola led her inside. As Morrie looked back at me I whispered,”I love you. Forever and always.”
Then the door shut and the hotel disappeared into sparks of orange light. I cried as I watched the sparks fly into the sky.

That’s alright, mine contains unfathomable horrors beyond your comprehension.
Aside from the main plot, it gets very dark.


Here’s just some art I made for my profile.

Anyways, here is the prologue to Demonlings.

Demonlings Prologue


Joshua clutched his bloodsoaked wrist as he ran through the forest. He heard laughter from one of the monsters that were chasing him. 
First Ferrinda, Joshua thought, then Enid and Erin, and now me.
Joshua turned right and hid under a bush, hoping the two creatures would not see him. He looked up and saw the two shadowy creatures climb through the trees and pass right over him. 
Joshua breathed a sigh of relief, Now all I need to do is get out of here, he thought. 
But were those other people like him? If so then maybe they had lost themselves…but why stay in the forest then? There must be something bigger going on…but what?
Joshua slowly stood up and began speed walking back, trying not to make any more noise. He sped from one hiding place to the next, eyeing the trees. 
He heard something groan in frustration, it sounded like one of the demons. 
He was able to make it out saying,¨How did we lose it?! It couldn't have gotten far!¨
Joshua decided that he should try to get out of there as fast as possible. Joshua sped across the clearing in the trees and hid behind another tree. He examined the wound on his wrist, one of the demons had slashed him there. It still stung a lot but it looked like the bleeding had slowed. 
Joshua froze when he heard leaves crunching and branches snapping from behind him. He waited and pondered whether or not he should attempt using Huthe. 
Huthe could stop these demons but…I hate using Huthe…Joshua pondered. 
Joshua decided against it and eventually it sounded like they had gone over him again. He turned around and walked slowly backwards. Then he felt a sharp pain through his back and chest. He looked down in horror at the blade that had pierced him through. 
The demon with the blade pulled it out and Joshua fell to his knees, clutching his chest. 
He looked up at the two demons in front of him. His vision was blurring and he couldn't make out their faces. 
He heard the one on the right say,¨This still feels wrong.¨
The other one snapped back,¨For the millionth time, The Freers told us this was our mission…to eradicate them all.¨
Then everything went black.


Noice picture

I love splatoon, got to S rank in splatoon 2, just got splatoon 3 for christmas


Cover art for the first book of Demonlings. I blacked out part of the bottom of the picture because when I first drew this it had my full name on it.


First 2 pages of chapter 1

Chapter 1

¨Hello everybody! I am the head sheriff of this town,¨The head sheriff said on the microphone to everyone in the school.
We were having a school assembly today. We’d been having a lot lately due to all of the recent disappearances.
¨I’m sure you all know by now about all of the recent disappearances that have been happening lately. Some of you are even close to the people that have disappeared,¨the sheriff continued.
Why did he have to say that? Now a bunch of my classmates were glancing and looking at me. My…Mom had been one of the first people to disappear. The class also glanced at Keyara. Her father had gone missing and her mother died soon after. It was actually a pretty sad story.
¨Unfortunately, there has been another disappearance recently. We want to make sure you all know that no one should be trespassing in the Free Forest Preserve. The disappearances are a result of tresspasses and animal attacks. We wish that you all be careful and not follow in these poor people´s footsteps,¨The sheriff said.
I personally doubted that all of the disappearances were animal attacks. It seemed too coincidental. Plus, my Mom wasn’t the kind of person to trespass, I just knew it. There had to be a reason that it all happened. It had been one of the only things on my mind for a long time.
As I spaced out into random stray thoughts I heard the sheriff say,¨That is all for today´s assembly, thank you for coming and have a nice day.¨
All of the teachers began to bring us back to our classrooms. Although the assembly had got me thinking about my Mom and everything. Which made me feel certain…emotions. I decided I needed to take a quick breather and stop what I knew might be inevitable.
I asked my teacher if I could go to the restroom and she agreed. I walked over to the girl´s restroom and walked inside. I bent over one of the sinks and looked into the mirror and took a deep breath. But if you´ve experienced strong emotions before, you know that taking a deep breath usually doesn’t do anything!
Suddenly my vision started to go green and something I wished would not happen again happened. I looked at my right eye and it started to glow green. Glowing green tear streaks also started to etch down from it. I started breathing harder and covered my eye with my hand. Then, like an actual horror movie, all the lights in the room went out.
I stopped breathing, terrified to make a sound. My eye still glowed in the mirror so I could faintly see myself in it. Then a figure appeared behind me in the mirror. It had two green glowing eyes with tear streaks coming down. It also looked like…me…but it also had four green tendrils that protruded from its back.
I turned directly around but didn’t see anything. Not again… I started breathing heavily. I felt a presence right behind me again and turned around to see that monster peering into my face.
¨Hello Fern,¨It said.


Flowjam game sneakpeak art


Who doesn’t love a good sister duo?

Here are the first 2 pages of Devilish Amusements: Chapter 1

Chapter 1 pges 1-2"
Chapter 1

Where was I? What am I doing here? But most importantly…who was I? 
These swarmed in my head as I groggily sat up. I opened my eyes and stared right into the eyes of some girl who was staring very intently at me,”Aaah!”I jumped back and pressed myself against a wall behind me. 
I looked around. I was lying on a bed in a room. There was nothing else in the room except for a door. Sitting in front of me was a girl with blonde hair and long side bangs and a large ponytail behind her back. She wore a pink and purple dress and a pink bow in her hair. Standing next to the bed was another blonde girl. Her hair was in a side ponytail and she had a similar outfit. They both had interesting looking eyes. Instead of circles(Which I was pretty sure was supposed to be normal), their eyes were yellow and star shaped. 
I looked at myself, I was wearing brown jeans with suspenders and a white t-shirt. I also wore a blue cloak that almost went down to my knees. I had on black shoes with white laces.
“W-where am I?”I asked.
“You’re at the Spectral Hotel,”The girl in front of me said.
“Ok…uh w-why don’t I remember anything? Who are you guys? And who am I?”I asked.
“I’m Kate,”Said the girl in front of me,”And this is my sister, Jill,”She pointed at the girl standing next to the bed.
“But who am I? What’s going on?”
“Oh we don’t know who you are,”Kate said,”But you’ll find out.”
“Here, we have morning curfew soon. Let’s get going so he can meet the others,”Jill said.
“Wait, I'm still confused,”I started to say but Kate and Jill both grabbed my wrists and they ran out the door and into another hallway.
“You’ll get some answers soon,”Jill said,”But right now we need to get to curfew.”
“What's the curfew?”I asked.
“You’ll see,”Jill said.
I looked around at the hallway as Kate and Jill pulled me down it. The hallway looked almost gold and wooden doors lined the halls. Flowers in pots stood on pedestals along the walls as well. The ceiling was at least ten feet high. 
Kate and Jill stopped at a set of red double doors and opened them up. Inside was a large auditorium. There were about a dozen people lined up on the stage. In front of them was a woman with a large top hat. She wore a large red, sparkling dress, and held a staff with a glowing orange jewel on it.
All of the people lined up had the same star eyes like Kate and Jill. 
Kate and Jill led me up down through the rows of seats and up a small set of stairs onto the stage.
“We’ve got the newbie!”Kate called.
All of the people on the stage looked at me and began whispering amongst themselves. The woman with the staff turned around swiftly and threw her arms up in the air,”Wonderful!”
Unlike the rest of the people, this woman had circular brown eyes. 
“Uh, c-can you explain what’s going on?”I asked.
“Oh don’t worry,”The woman said,”You’ll find everything out soon enough.”
“What talent does he have?”Asked a girl with a long green dress and flowers in her red hair. 
“Well, we’ll just have to find out!”The woman exclaimed. 
“T-talent?”I asked.
“Kate and Jill will explain everything to you when they give you the Grande Toure!”
Why wouldn’t anyone explain to me what was going on? 

Here are the next two pages of Demonlings: Chapter 1

Chapter 1 pages 2-4

Suddenly it disappeared, my eye turned normal, and the lights turned back on.

I stopped doing anything and clutched my chest, breathing hard. I had had similar experiences before, but never that monster. Was I going insane? Maybe I was just tired. I tried to ignore everything that had happened and move on with my day. Though I kept thinking about it and was very on edge throughout the rest of the day.

As I walked home, the image of that thing kept popping up into my mind. I must have just had a nightmare, that was it.

I walked through the door to my house and dropped my backpack by the door.

“Sup sista,”My older brother Sean walked into the room and pointed finger guns at me.

Sean had curly, blond hair and bright blue eyes. He was 15, which made him one year older than me, so he wasn’t that much older. But, he was, like, a couple inches taller than me, which he loved to bother me about.

“Sup,”I returned the finger guns and then started to take my stuff to my


“Dad home yet?”I asked.

“Nope, like usual,”Sean replied.

“Makes sense,”Dad was still recovering from Mom’s disappearance. We all still were though but it was harder on Dad then the rest of us.

I headed up to my room and with my backpack and threw it onto my bed. Luckily, I didn’t have any homework. I looked out my window into the backyard. We had a nice little backyard fenced off on the sides. Behind it was another barbed wire fence that led into the forest preserve. The forest preserve was restricted to anyone besides the people that worked there, which I guess made sense. Although the only bodies that were found of the missing people were in the preserve…so that freaked me out a bit.

Not wanting to just sit around at home waiting till Dad finally came home from wherever, I decided to head out to the park and just chill.

As I hopped down the stairs I yelled to my brother Sean,”Going out to the park!”

“Aight Fern!”Sean yelled back.

I opened the door and started heading off towards the park. The park actually had a little section of the forest preserve by it that we could in fact explore so I decided to go exploring there.

I got to the park and there were a couple of kids playing on the playground. It was nice to see their cheery little faces, smiling and yelling.

I headed off towards a small animal path near the forest and started heading down. I had explored most to almost all of the animal trails in the small 2-3 square mile area, which I guess was a lot for one person, but this was one of the few I hadn’t explored yet.

I had made sure my phone was with me, just in case I ever got lost, you could never be too sure. I was heading down when that stupid dream decided to pop into my head.

“What was that dream supposed to mean?”I asked myself.

I like talking to myself when I’m alone, it makes you less lonely somehow.

“I mean you’ve felt those weird feelings before but you never passed out from it…maybe I’m just dehydrated, I always forget to drink water, so maybe that’s the case…”I said.

While I was talking to myself, I hadn’t been paying attention to where I was going so I tripped over a tree root. I caught myself before I smashed my face into the dirt but my knees dug into the ground and I bruised one of them.

I stood back up and brushed off my knees,”Let’s watch where I’m going next time.”

I started off on my path again and then I heard something in the forest to my right. I looked in that direction wondering if maybe there was a deer or something there, seeing those were always pretty cool.

I stared off into the forest and didn’t see any deer though. What I did notice was a thin tail with a triangular point on the end start to stick up from the bushes.

What kind of animal is that? I thought.

Turns out it wasn’t an animal at all.


Hornet from Hollow Knight


Devilish Amusements:Chapter 1 pages 3-4

Chapter 1 pages 3-4
“Ohhhh, can we start the tour now?”Kate asked, excitedly.
“Why of course! The sooner the better!”The woman exclaimed.
I was about to ask why she couldn’t just tell me what was going on, when Kate grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards the exit. Jill followed behind us.
“W-wait,”I said,”Who even were those people?”
“Those were the other Amus’. Like us!”Kate said,”And our ringleader, Madame Gondola!”
“Amus? What?”I asked.
“Wow, I didn’t realize how much explaining we were gonna have to do,”Kate muttered to herself.
We exited the auditorium and reentered the hallway. Kate led me down the hallway, pointing down other hallways and doors and saying names,”That’s Kelly’s room. That’s Jesper’s room. That’s Frostlass’s room. Oh, and this one is our room!”
“Ok…who are those people?”I asked.
“Those were some of the other Amus’,”Jill said.
“I still have no idea what Amus means.”
“It means, people like us.”
Kate sighed,”You really don’t know anything?”
“Well…no, I don’t remember…anything.”
“I guess this is what we seemed like when we first arrived here,”Kate said.
“Wait, you guys just woke up here without any memories too?”I asked.
“Well yeah. All of us Amus’ did,”Jill said.
“So…I’m an Amus? Whatever that means.”
“Yep, that’s why you’re here,”Jill said.
“Madame Gondola always takes Amus’ like us and brings us here,”Kate added.
“Ok…so what is an Amus?”I asked.
“It means we have extraordinary powers that no one else does,”Kate said.
“I don’t feel very…extraordinary,”I said.
“Well…some Amus’ have stronger powers than others,”Kate said.
We walked past a girl with curly, brunette hair. She wore a black dress with white plaiting on it. As she walked past she eyed the three of us suspiciously, but kept walking down the hallway.
Kate sighed,”People amiright?”
“Why did she look at us that way?”I asked.
“People don’t trust Amus’ apparently,”Jill said.
“Why not?”
“Something about our powers being dangerous or something,”Kate said,”But what’s dangerous about us? All we do is do cool tricks and entertain people. We don’t want to destroy the world or anything.”
“So…what about my talent?”I asked, changing the subject,”What’s that?”
“Amus’ each have a certain talent that their powers amplify. Our talents get unlocked after time and then when it’s discovered, Madame Gondola gives us these,”Kate pointed at her eyes.
“Wait, so that’s why your eyes look like that. You…earn them?”I asked.
That sounded weird…
“It does sound a little gross when you put it that way,”Jill said,”But they look cool don’t they?”
“Uh, sure,”They seemed a bit more creepy than cool, but sure.
“Anyways,”Kate said,”This hallway is where all of our rooms are. But otherwise…this whole tour won’t do much. The hotel is always rearranging itself and its layout is never the same.”
“So don’t you guys get lost?”I asked.
“Well, no. We just sort of…know? I guess?”Jill said.
“Huh…so should I too?”I asked.
“Oh yeah! Let’s test it out!”Kate said,”Here um…bring us to the entrance lobby!”
“Um…ok,”I scanned the hallways.
Then, I didn’t know how, but I felt like I should turn left. So I did. I walked through the hallways turning whenever it felt like I should. Then we walked down a winding, golden staircase into a large room. There were two golden staircases, including the one we had walked down. The lobby had a squeaky clean, white polished floor and actual trees grew right up from the floor along the walls. On the farthest wall was a set of purple wooden doors.
“Wow, you actually did it,”Kate said, astonished.
“Uh yeah…I guess I just…felt it,”I said.
“Yeah, that’s what it feels like for us too,”Jill said.
“So this is the entrance lobby?”I asked.
“Yep, that’s the entrance right there,”Kate pointed at the doors.
“So that’s how we can leave?”I asked.
“Uh…no. Well, technically yes, but no,”Jill said.

Basically I made a DND character for myself and I based it off of Quirrel.


Demonlings: Chapter 1, pages 4-5

Chapter 1 pages 4-5

An arm came up holding…a sword. The arm shoved the sword into the ground and a person stood up. They had two sharp horns coming out of the top of their head and long dark hair that slightly covered two red eyes. It also had four insect looking legs or arms coming out of its back. It then started to slowly walk toward me.

What did it think I was gonna do? Patiently wait saying, “Oh please kill me! I would love it!” I immediately shot off in the other direction, forgetting everything about the pathway. It must have seen me running and decided to start running towards me too, except it had more agility and speed then me.

Eventually it caught up to me and jumped on top of me. Its red eyes stared into my soul as it creepily smiled at me. Ok, this was a bit insane, I didn’t know what to do, and a monster devil thing was about to kill me…hooray.

Suddenly my vision went green and fuzzy again, I did not want to pass out now of all times.

It raised its sword over its head when suddenly I heard a young, male voice yell,”Ash stop!”

A boy with short black hair that swept over his eyes ran out of the trees behind the monster.

“Ash! You can fight her! Just stop!”The boy yelled again.

The monster turned its attention from me to the boy. I breathed a sigh of relief, I wasn’t going to die. YES!

I scrambled back up onto my feet and stared at the monster and the boy,”What the heck is that thing!? Who’s Ash?!”

The boy ignored me and kept his attention on the monster,”Calm down…don’t let Hakata control you.”

Suddenly, the monster’s glowing red eyes faded to a brown. The monster looked at themselves and breathed heavily. They fell down to their knees and the horns, insect legs, and tail sort of fell or went into the person’s body. Their sword also turned into red light and disappeared.

“I’m sorry Jose…I thought I could control her…”The girl said.

“It’s ok Ash. Luckily I caught up with you and stopped you from hurting anyone,”The boy said, who I assumed was Jose.

Immediately I started booking it outta there. My flight or fight response started and I decided I didn’t want anything to do with what had just happened or what that thing(Or I guess Ash) was.

“Hey wait!”The boy called to me.

That just made me run faster, I did not want to stay there any longer. My vision also returned to normal as well.

I burst out of the animal trail and started running home. I ran up our front porch and ripped open the door. Then I slammed it behind me.


Here is a short story from a fantasy story I’m experimenting with.

Warning: It is VERY LONG

The New Squadron

Footsteps echoed off the stone walls of the palace. Small talk could be heard from people in the hallways as they passed by. The day was like any other day. Guards went to their spots to patrol the palace. Soldiers were sent off with their given missions. Although, not everything had been this orderly or amazing. Decades ago, the three species of the land, Demons, Humans, and Wizards had waged war on each other. Though a hidden society had offered a new solution, each species would get one-third of the continent’s land, and they would be watched over by their new king and queen, a demon and a wizard. The three species had reluctantly agreed, as long as they still got to rule over their own people and would not be bothered, unless asked. The society had agreed, and they built their palace at the center of the interception where all three countries would connect.
I eagerly walked down the halls of the palace. It was my home. My mother and father were the leaders of the Alpha Peace Society. And I had been one of the four people to be a part of their first squadron. I couldn’t wait to see who the other three would be. I was told there would be two demons and one human. I had never seen a demon before, aside from his mother and a few of the Secretaries,…I had heard of how monstrous they were…but those were all stories.
I stopped at a pair of double doors. It led into one of the dueling rooms. I would always practice his sword skills here. I had gotten fairly good at them. I had even practiced with his magic, although I wasn’t very great at it.
The room was a large rectangular area. There was a line that outlined another rectangle in the center of the room. That was where all of the duels would happen. Along the walls were racks and sets of various weapons, swords, daggers, arrows, anything really. The room was lit from torches along the walls and lanterns that hung on the ceiling. The lanterns held blue glowflies in them, lighting the gray room in a bluish light. A circular hole had been cut out of the ceiling, exposing the light blue sky. The cool mountain air filled up the room.
Inside, three people stood in the center. I recognized one of them as one of the guards here in the palace. They wore the standard metal armor and helmets. I focused my attention on the other two in the room.
One seemed to be about my age, 19. He had light blue hair and two blue gem earrings. He wore a blue coat with white fur on the neckline and wrists. His eyes were pale green and sparkled with excitement and wonder. He caught me looking at them and smiled, he waved.
I waved back as I turned my attention to the other man. He seemed to be about 22, 3 years older than me, and he looked much more gruff and intimidating. He looked like he had been in the great war between the three species so long ago, except that would be impossible since that had been decades ago. He had dark green hair and one horn on the side of his head. The other looked to be torn off. It looked like he had once had wings too, but all that seemed to be left were two black studs. His right eye looked fake too. It was yellowish orange and gleamed in the sunlight, like glass. His left eye was dark brown and stared at me intently.
“I-uh-hi? Are you two part of the new squadron?”I asked.
“Yeah! Are you the wizard I’ve heard about? Oh! I’ve heard you’re the prince too!”The blue haired boy said.
“Well yeah, I am. But it’s really not that exciting. I’m Rotau,”I replied.
“Oh, yeah, I forgot to introduce myself,”The boy put his hand to his forehead and shook his head,”I’m Prevren. And this is Grevin,”Prevren pointed at the green haired man. He nodded in response.
“Uh, cool. So where’s the fourth member?”I asked.
As if to answer my question, the doors behind me opened up and a young voice yelled,”Get your hands off me! I swear I’ll cut your throat with my claws! You know I can!”
I turned around and looked at the boy who had entered. He was being dragged in by another guard. The boy was struggling against him and yelling insults and shouting in resistance.
The boy had short purple hair and two gray horns. He had a purple cape with pink embroidery all over it. His nails were sharp claws and he had an empty sword hilt at his side.
“…oh…”I heard Prevren say from behind me. Grevin grumbled something I didn’t hear. I didn’t exactly feel great about the boy either, but surely he wasn’t that bad.
The guard dragged the boy over to us and said to us,”This is Olin. He’s the fourth member of your squadron. Now, we’ll be letting you four get to know each other for a bit, we’ll stand guard though,”The guards both eyed Olin before walking over to the wall and standing, watching intently.
I held out my hand to Olin,”Hi, I’m Rotau, nice to meet-”
Olin swiped my hand away,”Does it look like I care?”
There was an awkward silence after that. Me and Prevren eyed each other, Prevren shrugged as if to say, I don’t know but…I guess we’ll have to work with him.
Prevren sighed before saying,”I-I’m Prevren, this is Grevin, and like he said, this is Rotau,”He pointed at each of us when he said our names, he then changed to a whisper,”Rotau’s actually the prince of the Alpha Piece Society.”
Grevin rolled his eyes. Olin looked at me and smiled smugly,”The prince you say? Here, how about we duel? This is a dueling room isn’t it?”
“I-I’m not sure if we should do tha-”
Olin interrupted Prevren,”I asked the prince,”Olin said the word in a mocking sort of way,”Let’s see what he says.”
Grevin sighed and put his fingers to his forehead, looking down.
I wasn’t sure I really wanted to duel Olin. We were supposed to be a squadron, I didn’t think we were supposed to battle each other. But, I also didn’t want to turn down the duel, the way Olin looked at me in his challenging way, I felt a surge of frustration come through me. Why was he suddenly turning on me like this? Sure my parents were king and queen, but why should that matter so much?
“You’re on,”I said, trying to imitate Olin’s stare.
“Wait Rotau are you sure?”Prevren asked.
“Yeah, I’m sure,”I said.
Prevren frowned at me, still not sure whether we should duel each other this soon, but he still walked out of the dueling ring, along with Grevin.
“May I ask what is happening?”One of the guards asked.
“We’re dueling,”I said.
“Alright, just remember, no killing or drawing blood,”The guard said.
I walked over to the sword wall, searching for the one I commonly used. I spotted its silver and blue hilt. I picked it up and stared at my reflection in its cold silver steel. I stared into my curly white hair and blue eyes.
Should I really be doing this?
Before I could argue, Olin pushed me aside.
“Hey!”I protested,”What was that for!”
“You were in the way,”Olin snapped.
I stared at him. Why hadn’t he just asked?
Olin grabbed a golden sword with a purple ruby at the center of its hilt.
“Alright Prince, let’s see what you really got,”Olin said.
I sighed as we got into place in the center of the rectangle.
“Raise your swords!”Grevin shouted,”When I count down to zero, then the duel shall begin! Three…”
Olin stared at me now with anger. Why was he so mad at me? Or was he taking something else out on me? I couldn’t think about this stuff now.
Grevin started again,”…two.”
Not waiting to zero, Olin swiped the sword at my face. I barely managed to avoid Olin’s sword as it swiped over my head. I ended up flailing and falling on my ■■■.
“Hey! You were supposed to wait!”I yelled, regaining my footing.
“Real battles don’t wait for anything,”Olin said, coldly.
Olin charged towards me and swung his sword. I blocked it with my sword and Olin pulled back. We clashed multiple times and I managed to get a good hit on his side, I had hit him with the side of my sword though so I wouldn’t actually cut him. Olin swore under his breath and fell back, before regaining his balance. We circled each other for a bit. Olin put his sword out in front of him and charged me. I decided to pull a move I had learned in training. I ducked and slid under Olin. Olin tripped over me in surprise and fell on the floor. His sword fell from his hand. As he turned over to grab his sword, I put my foot down on the sword and kicked it away. I pointed my sword at his chest.
I had won.
Prevren clapped.
“Rotau has won,”Grevin said.
Then, Olin yelled and jumped at me, reaching for my throat. His hands clamped around my throat and the two of us fell to the ground. I choked and tried to pry Olin’s hands off my throat, but his grip was firm. Olin stared at me, rage burned in his eyes. It actually terrified me, he might actually kill me.
Prevren shouted and Grevin stared, emotionless as usual. The two guards ran over and pulled Olin off of me.
“That was the end of the duel Olin!”One of the guards shouted.
“Let go!”Olin yelled, pulling against the two guards who had grabbed each of his arms.
I sat up, rubbing my neck. It was sore from Olin’s grip. Prevren ran over,”Are you ok Rotau?”
“Y-yeah…I’m fine,”I said, standing up.
“You sure? Your neck is really red,”Prevren said.
“Like I said, it’s fine, just a little sore,”I said.
Prevren nodded at me and turned to Olin,”Why did you do that?!”
Olin didn’t answer, he simply glared at me.
What made this kid hate me so much?
“We’ll give Olin a long talk about proper dueling etiquette and the rules here,”One of the guards said.
They dragged Olin out of the room and closed the doors.
“I can’t believe he would just do that! You didn’t even do anything to him! It doesn’t make sense…”Prevren said.
“Honestly, he’s an embarrassment to demons,”Grevin said,”Being beaten that easily by a wizard of all things, and not being noble enough to accept defeat. Wrath burns intensely in him, but he’s nothing like any Wrath demon I’ve seen.”
Olin’s actions may have been inappropriate, but an embarrassment to demons? Sure, I didn’t know much about demons and their culture but really? I noticed how he said Wrath demon too. I had heard about the demons having their own species too. I hadn’t learned much about them though, even with their species constantly fighting themselves.
“Embarrassment? That seems a little harsh Grevin,”Prevren said.
“I’m just saying what I’m seeing, maybe he can change my mind, but that’ll be unlikely,”Grevin said, then he left the room.
“Where’s he going?”I asked.
“Probably to his quarters, as we were being escorted here they pointed them out to us,”Prevren said.
“Oh, yeah,”I said.
“I should probably go to mine too…”Prevren said.
“Uh, sure, yeah, yeah, you go do that,”I said.
“Sorry our first meet hasn’t been very…great,”Prevren apologized.
“It’s fine. It wasn’t your fault,”I said.
Prevren sighed and nodded, then left the room, leaving me alone in the cold room.


Devilish Amusements pages 5-6

Pages 5-6

“So I can’t leave through there, but I can, but I can’t?”
“Well the guests and Madame Gondola can, but not us,”Jill said.
“Why not?”
“Remember what we said about Amus’ being dangerous and all that? Apparently the hotel has some enchantment that makes our magic safe I guess…I think our eyes have something to do with it too.,”Kate said.
What would people do if we went out there? It sounded like something bad, by the way Kate had said it.
“But don’t you guys ever want to leave?”I asked.
“Not really, sometimes I wonder what it’s like,”Kate said.
“Also, you said guests. Where are they?”I scanned the empty lobby.
“Most of them are asleep right now, Madame Gondola makes sure everyone is up and ready in time to perform for the guests,”Jill said.
“Oh, ok,”I said.
“Speaking of performing, we should get to the Gala room for Madame Gondola’s morning speech,”Kate said.
“Oh yeah, I think Flora’s going to perform there afterwards as well,”Jill said.
“Ok so you,”Kate pointed at me,”Bring us to the Gala room!”
“Ok, but is there something else you can call me besides well…you?”I asked.
“Well, nobody here knows your name and usually we don’t get our names until we find our talents so…I’m going to stick with you,”Kate said.
“I just think it’ll get a little confusing is all,”I said.
“Well, it only took a couple of days for me and Kate to find our talent, so you’ll get your new name soon,”Jill said.
“Ok…”I led Kate and Jill back up the golden staircase and down the hallways. As we walked down, we passed people dressed in extravagant clothing. They all seemed fairly wealthy. We also passed another girl in a maid outfit, she was carrying a basket full of something.
“So was that one of the people who work here?”I asked.
“Yeah, we have lots of others who work at the hotel, normal people. They do the stuff that makes this place a hotel. We bring the magic and spectral,”Kate said.
We walked down the hall as it opened up into a large room. On the farthest wall was a large stage. There were tables lined across the side walls. Flowers hug in pots on the walls as well. A large chandelier hung in the middle of the ceiling.
The other Amus’ I had seen in the auditorium were there, they each wore a tophat like Madame Gondola. Some of the maids were dusting everything and setting everything up for what I assumed would be Madame Gondola’s morning speech.
“Oh Jill, we forgot to bring our tophats for the opening show!”Kate cried.
“Uh, maybe we can get Camilo to conjure them for us,”Jill said.
“Wait, conjure? Like, make things appear out of thin air?”I asked.
“Yeah,”Kate said,”It’s pretty cool.”
Kate and Jill ran over to a boy who looked about 17. He had dark, short hair and wore a red suit.
“Hey Camilo!”Kate called,”We forgot our tophats in our room. Can you conjure them up for us?”
“Uh, sure,”Camilo snapped his fingers and two tophats appeared in thin air. Unlike the red stripe on Madame Gondola’s, Kate and Jill’s each had a pink bow wrapped around it, similar to the ones in their hair.
Kate and Jill both put on their hats,”Thanks Camilo,”They said in unison.
“Yeah, no problem. So newbie,”Camilo turned his attention to me,”How do you think of the hotel?”
“I-It’s cool and all…still confused about what all is going on,”I said.
Camilo laughed,”Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. We all did after a while.”
“S-sure,”I answered.
I wasn’t really sure how I was just supposed to get used to everything. I wondered what my life was like before all this, what my name even was. How was everyone here just cool with not knowing anything?
Camilo then smiled smugly and walked away. I wasn’t sure how to interrupt his expression, but it didn’t exactly seem nice.
“Hey,”A voice whispered in my ear from behind.
“GAH!”I jumped back in surprise and looked at the girl behind me.
She laughed when I jumped back. I stared at her, she looked sorta human. She had yellow hair in a ponytail and wore a brown and yellow dress. Her eyes looked very catfish, and they were star shaped like Kate, Jill, and Camilo. She had two cat ears and a cat tail.
“Y-You’re a-a-”
“A cat? Yes and no. It’s my talent,”The girl said.
“Azrael has cat-like abilities apparently,”Kate said.
“You know it’s not apparently, you’ve seen what I can do plenty of times at all of the shows!”Azrael argued.
“You basically do the same things as us, minus the cooler illusions,”Kate said.
“Wait, you two do illusions?”I asked.

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Some art I made for my work in progress fantasy world.

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I know I’m not supposed to show my art here, but I wanted you to see this particular one:


Yo, that’s really great!
Is that supposed to be Merida from my flowjam game?
If so then that is awesome.

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Yep, it’s based on your entry, Road to Estodel.

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