Ball Bounce Simulator - Update & Dev Team Discussion

Its fine, I made it back in seconds.
Maybe you could add a cool down to purchasing a ball?
Or say, if the player buys a ball put it on a 1 second cool down (with a timer), if player tries to buy it again reject the purchase (maybe with a switch and another timer). If there are no inputs after the initial input then charge the player and give them a ball.
Just a suggestion.

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Yeah, I had a few ideas of doing something like that, anyway thanks for the suggestions.

The game is looking great @ManiacPumpkin! The save feature really helps!

Perhaps you can add more variety in the bricks, maybe even make them randomly choose what kind of brick they are everytime they regenerate. So maybe a brick will be red at first but turn yellow when it comes back.

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Ah yes the screen is perfect fitting for my iPad uwu

Does Anyone Know How I Can Download It Onto My Phone???


When I find more features to add to the game and finish it, I’ll ask grazer to put it on my main account so when I get indie someday I’ll post it on the App Store or something, lol.

I like @Yellow_Lab_Games he liked all my anime posts lol

Then you’re reporting me for being off-topic? Bruh XD

@ManiacPumpkin like I said before, great game. Needs to become more idle though

But then again he voted for anime being inappropriate on the pole so

I could use JR_01’s example on checking the players time away from the game and gives you like one coin or something ever ten seconds, which this could very depending on how many balls you have. Not sure yet, but that sounds like a good idea.

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Okay, so. I want the game to feel like you’ve actually accomplished something. So I wanted some ideas from you guys. Just remember I only have a few objects left so it won’t be much of a huge update, but just something.
I had the idea of adding a new ball, something that’s very unique, but you can only get it through purchasing every ball at least maybe 5 times. Which seems like a lot since gaining money is very slow when you get to a point so I’ve also decided to add a few more upgrades. Like maybe a X4 or X8 or something. Only one new ball and maybe two or three new upgrades. But I’m not entirely sure on what do exactly do so I’ll be listening for some ideas.
I also plan on maybe adding some sort of achievements like collecting every ball. Breaking a certain amount of bricks, just basic stuff like that with some other simple stuff. Which this all can be done using one object and a bunch of bars, labels, and code so I might definitely add that in. If you have any ideas on an achievement then please let me know cause I don’t have the slightest clue.
I’ll try my best to make sure everything saves, but I’m learning on how to exactly use the Save behavior so stuff might be a little wonky, but I’ll make sure it works.

If u add me to dev I can add more block types

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Well, I can’t since this is on an alt account. So don’t have any dev teams made up so I can’t really add you. Plus you can’t add me since you don’t have the game. I like the idea though so thanks, but I should be good since I don’t plan on adding much more objects to the game.

Also @glowbug, I actually already had a delay on each of the buttons, lol. But it was a very short delay so I think it was still acting up so I bumped it up a bit and I don’t seem to be having that issue. If it happens again then I think I messed up in the code or just the flowlab website being weird.

Oh, I guess I should have looked lol.
As for ideas maybe the new ball could be a player controlled one?
I’ve got two ideas for it:

  • Using the arrow keys for movement
  • When it hits a wall (not a brick) you can aim it and then click to send it off.

Well there’s my pitch. Maybe you can rip it up and find an idea in it.

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That’s not a bad idea, but the thing is that I want to keep the game somewhat mobile compatible so I might have to adjust that a little bit, maybe after it bounces it followed where the curse is, or where you last touched the screen so you can still direct it in a way. Or at least something along those lines. Anyway thanks for the idea.

So I got bored and didn’t know what to do so I decided “hey lets make a player controlled ball thing”
And well I did, since you wanted it compatible for mobile I thought I should fiddle around with it but I’ve never done anything for mobile so it might not work but I thought maybe you’d like to see it.
You don’t have to use it if you don’t want to, I just made it cause I wanted to.
Here it is.


looking at the screen shot I’m guessing it didn’t work…