Baron Wasteland's Art Share!

Hiiii I like making art and sharing art! More specifically, I like making and sharing pixel art! So I created this topic where I will be occasionally sharing some art I make that I’m proud of!
Feel free to share art on here that you’re proud of, if you want! (:
If you want to look at more of my art, I recommend you check out my twitter (@BaronXwasteland) or my insta (@thebaronwastleand)


first off, I’d like to share this one exercise that I really enjoy! I have a handfull of randomly generated sprites that I upscale and add detail to! it’s a really nice design development exercise
image image


I also did one even more recently
image image


You are very talented! i could maybe have this skill but in my games i like to make more basic art because it takes less time to make, but you are outstanding!

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thanks! smaller scale pixel art is valid too! all different forms, all require practice to perfect (:

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I love these :smiley:

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I’ve been playing around with this fun new program called PicoCad, it’s for making very simple low poly low rez models and I really enjoy it! I made the little fellow from my upscaled sprites exercise and I think it came out pretty neat for a first attempt.