Battle for Flowlab (YouTube Stop-Motion series)

The sound of pain I made before a character’s death haunts me.

Episode 1 will be out by tomorrow.


I love stop-motion. Can’t wait to see this


The episode won’t be entirely stop-motion because of the paper robots and because I haven’t used stop-motion at all in years and am still practicing. It will have a bunch of stop-motion scenes however. There will also be SFX and VFX just like the Flowlab movies. The series takes place after Flowlab movie 2, which you can watch here if you haven’t already (1 hr 28 min, mild language).

The first stop-motion scene in the episode comes after the four-minute emotional intro to the world and lore. Here’s the thumbnail:
deadpool epic explosion

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Episode 2 will feature LEGO Skibidi Toilets trying to stop Ruby Rose and Pikachu from making a Flowlab game.

Additionally, I might make a game about this.

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There are plenty of hilarious jokes and memes to keep Flowlab fans entertained. The action scenes also sound interesting at least.

Sorry guys, I had it done on time but it took too long to upload

It uploaded early this morning

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can i be in the next one?

also jhon i hate to brea it to you but this is not stop motion

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I said that already.

I wish you good luck on your series.


Thank you very much and welcome to the Flowlab community. I will make it more stop motion.


Fair warning: Flowlab series episode 2 will have more stop-motion in both quality and quantity. It will also have a few loud noises in the fight scenes.


thumbnail flowlab episode 2

I’m kind of tempted to make a stop animation now.

I’ve only ever done it with legos figures since they have limited points of articulation than standard 6 inch tall figures like most of the Transformer deluxe figures and Marvel figures.

So I’ve never animated that kind of detail, but I’d be down to attempt it sometime.

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I say go for it lol. I wonder how Scepter Foundation stories could be told with custom LEGO Minifigures.

I’m planning on going back to LEGO and Halo Mega Bloks afterwards, but for now the Flowlab series is just a bunch of random memes and brutal one-on-one fights with Transformers, Power Rangers, Marvel, and most recently, Halo figures.

The Halo figures in the second episode are only 4 inch World of Halo action figures, although I do have a 6 inch Spartan Collection figure. Other than that, I just have Halo Mega Bloks/Construx, which are nice. My UNSC forces outnumber my Covenant and Banished forces by two-to-one though, because I always bought standalone Spartan minifigs from the Halo Heroes line.

The plot point teased at the end of episode 1 comes at exactly 8 minutes into episode 2

I do have clay, which I could wrap around a head mold and make custom helmets. But I have to bake them at like 350 degrees for 15 minutes. I don’t work with clay hardly at all, so I’m not sure if it will shrink or expand.

I may just use my 3D pen and make a very rough helmet and just carve and sand it to fit.


Episode 2 (of 12) is out! It is 18 minutes, 44 seconds long and features lots of memes.

Flowlab series new episodes will feature more Frankenstein machine monster mashups made of robots that died in previous episodes/movies. Also new episodes are going to have increased violence and background music with swear words. At least for one episode because I decided to listen to some crazy stuff on my Bluetooth speaker while filming.