Battle for Flowlab (YouTube Stop-Motion series)

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New teaser

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skibidi flow flow oh lab lab skibidi flow flow i o


I may be editing episode 4 still but episode 5 may have the biggest surprise performance yet…

edit: no it won’t

Also I didn’t use any stop-motion in this episode [4] because I forgor :skull:, also I was practicing my shots and camera angles for school

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Newest episode features lots of Easter eggs, jokes, memes, a small amount of Gods of Five “gameplay” and lots of Flowlab/Spider-Man references

Flowlab series (made with :heart: in not Pensacola, FL)

episode 4

  • Has a special thank you
  • Outro song goes so hard
  • Is the longest episode yet
  • Lots of green screen memes

episode 5

  • Contains puns
  • Features both Gods of Five and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 gameplay (may contain spoilers for both)
  • Pizzeria animatronic shenanigans
  • Higher “real joke” to “random meme” ratio
  • May include preview of Flowlab Slander Part 3


episode 4 released behind my back last night after i put my PC to sleep and started gaming on my playstation instead (spider-manning frfr W) meanwhile i was doin yo mom /j


i say try and keep the camera more consistant, move the camera if need be, but dont have it move so muck, or dont make it move every 5 seconds

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i wish to have noob from “Raise a Noob”, bird from “A Bird RPG”, or Cube Boi from “Just a Platformer” plz


:sunglasses: :blue_square:

:yellow_square:??? yoooo, maybe? just Maybe?

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oh yeah Raise a Noob noob vs Mortal Kombat noob, it will be an EPIC BATTLE


I am truly honored

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Noob vs Noob will be in episode 7 because I already filmed this one

no it didn’t you ■■■■ and you lied