Block Verse game play


ngl this is just a worse version of sup3r87 and rcreger’s game noticidda, i don’t think the similarities are purely a coincidence

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post the link to @sup3r87 game this a pretty big accusation and I think we would like proof

so i found the game and the only similarity are you shoot blocks

the player in noitcidda is a triangle, just like in this game, that dodges and shoots away rotating falling squares, just like like in this game

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it pretty much ends there

the thing in this game is a drop of water or sum not an arrow

idk if i’m insane or something, sorry if you weren’t trying to rip off noitcidda

idk, i guess i’m insane, decent game though

there is a small possiblity the stole behavior bundles but I think we should leave that up to @M_Studio and @sup3r87

Sorry I sew that game and forgot that it looked like that I will go fix it and make it nat so copy write. Also I did not copy the code.

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Nice simple game. I like the vibes. I got 250 on first try :slight_smile: . I would maybe lessen the amount of blocks or their speed, but it’s just my opinion. There are two bugs that I discovered:

  1. If you shoot the edges of a larger rotating cube, it doesn’t get destroyed.
  2. You can get killed by blocks you have already destroyed. It happened to me,

Ok but I have to do a lot of other things to make it not Cody write. But hopefully it will all come together. :slightly_smiling_face:

oh, it’s ok, it’s my fault anyway, sorry

But you know what would make it better? A leaderboard!!!

I thought of that but I not know how to set it up. Ive tried to make one but it failed every time. Could you help me with that? It would be a big help!

I’d love too… but I’m free account so I don’t know how. But you can ask @Hong_Jooni_Pooni or @CodeAlpaca to help you.

Ok thx you sooooooo much that will make my game a lot better

Look in Foxer, and then go to their ‘scoregetter’ sprite

ok but I already sent a message to Code Alpaca.