Bmarzi's Knockout Reviews

Spore Tower Defense by @CarbonSoda

This game is really good, and with a little bit more work can be fantastic. The artwork is wonderful and the only mixed sprite size I found was the title, but you could easily fix that if you wanted to, but I don’t think it’s necessary. While I’m talking about the title, I would suggest changing the T in tower to an actual T instead of a mushroom. Also, change the purple stripe in the S to be a dark red, and then center both lines together and add a border around the whole title similar to the buttons (with the grey, then black, then white on the outside) to make it pop. Lastly for the menu screen… add a button for controls or add a tutorial level.

The gameplay is really fun and easy to figure out, but if you click the button instead of dragging it will place a mushroom at 0,0 in the top left. Also, the placement of the mushrooms doesn’t always work correctly, I wonder if a grid system would help, because I notice it would sometimes place them on top of another one. The game does seem to lack direction, it gets a bit repetitive and doesn’t have a clear objective. I would design different levels and try to add a 3-star system, perhaps X number of kills for bronze star and so on. I really like the different idle animations for each mushroom and slug, also the explosion effects are really cool. I would also suggest changing the temp of the music for each wave to add to the intensity.

Lastly, for the credits screen, it cut back way too quickly, I would get rid of the timer and simply add a back button.

Theme: The theme is clearly defined and easy to understand… slugs are attacking your garden, and the mushrooms help defend them. Also, the title says it’s a tower defense game so you should know what you’re in for. Good job. 5/5 stars
Fun: The gameplay is simple, but fun. It’s easy to understand what you’re supposed to do, however the lack of objectives and scoring make it hard get invested in the game. Also, the placement of the mushrooms is a bit janky and seems to overlap or drop in a different place. 3/5 stars
Art/Sound: The artwork is nice and adorable. All the characters have animations… each mushroom has a specific projectile and the slugs each have a separate explosion which is a nice touch. The sound gets repetitive, so I would suggest you change the tempo for each wave. 4/5 stars
Creativity: While tower defense games aren’t new or original, but I can’t recall that many on Flowlab, and this one works pretty well. 4/5 stars
Overall: The game is a great start but needs some direction. Keep working on it because there’s no reason this can’t be a near perfect game. Awesome game bud, way to go! 4.0 stars

If anyone else has a game they’d like me to review let me know…

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Thank you so much @Bmarzi VERY VERY HELPFUL


FanTenDogs by @GameNub

I really like the new menu interface, however the mixels in the title standout… looks like they’ve been stretched, I would suggest manually creating the titles. Also, I would make the “FanTenDogs” word a lot more prevalent than “Title .com”. I enjoy the hover over effect on the buttons, but it doesn’t seem to work every time, also add a sound effect for the hover would help. Lastly, the menu needs some idle movement, I would add a power light that flickers periodically, and possibly a window in the background with a bird and clouds that go by.

When I click on the “play” button it brings me to the next page, but after 10 seconds it goes back to the menu page… is this supposed to happen? Also, when you click on anything in the next page it also brings you back to the menu page. I finally figured out that with A/D you can switch the page, and you can see the dog to the left and a shop to the right, but again after 10 seconds it goes back to the menu.

I’m assuming the game is still a work in progress, so that needs to be taken into consideration, but the game is confusing, and I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.

Theme: The title says dogs so I expect dogs, which after a minute or so I figured out where the dog is. 2/5 stars
Fun: It looks like this is supposed to be a game where you take care of an animal, but I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing. Also, the aforementioned glitch which brings you back to the menu after 10 seconds, makes this game confusing. 1/5 stars
Art/Sound: The art is really good, the only mixels I noticed where in the title, but that is easily fixable. Great job! 4/5 stars
Creativity: I can tell you have a plan for this game, and it isn’t going to simply be another game where you control a player and go around fighting enemies, but at this point the game doesn’t have a direction. 2/5 stars
Overall: I really enjoy the artwork, but I’d like to review this after you’ve fleshed out the game a little bit more. Keep working on it. 2.25 stars

I saw somewhere, perhaps on Discord, that @Agent_Y requested I review Stone Cold Steel, so that is up next…


Thank you for giving feedback! I will keep this post in mind while working on the game in the future…




Stone Cold Steel by @Agent_Y

I enjoy the extremely dark backstory. It’s simple but perfectly affective for this type of rampage game. I would add an intro scene before the game starts, with lightning effects and maybe rain to really drive in the anguish the character is feeling.

The issue I immediately had is my own user limitations: I have a laptop with no mouse, and I’m normally left-handed (hence Southpaw Entertainment on all my games) so not being able to use arrows was hard for me, I failed spectacularly attempting to use my right hand for the mouse pad, I made it past the tutorial level, but not past the first room; and I didn’t even rank on the high score… If you could add arrow keys to movements and maybe spacebar for additional pickup that might help the “WASD+Mouse Click” impaired players like myself.

My garbage playing skills aside this game is amazing, @Baron_Wasteland (aka SugarCube) absolutely crushed it with fantastically awesome artwork. I would like to see an UP animation for the guy where we see the back of his head, this way when moving up he doesn’t appear to be walking backwards. All the different animations for each enemy and weapons are great; and all follow the same design structure, add this to the music and sounds, and the way the player recoils when he shoots so the whole game feels purposely put together…Way to go!

I think the menu could use some sprucing up, it seems a bit elementary (and no, that’s not a pun about the FlowJam theme). You should create a separate page for the leaderboard, and also a credits page. Then add dev logos before the main page, this would really make the game look professional. Absolutely great game!

Theme: With the cover art and title it’s pretty obvious we’re in for a shoot 'em up game. Also all the artwork fit within the same design structure. 5/5 stars
Fun: Despite my own personal disabilities, it is very apparent this is a fun game, add to that the fantastic artwork, and you got yourself a winner. 5/5 stars
Art/Sound: As previously mentioned the artwork is phenomenal and the music paired well. Great job! 5/5 stars
Creativity: There are thousands of shoot 'em up games out there, so this game is not very creative; but it doesn’t have to be because of the great artwork and fun gameplay. So don’t take this as a negative. 3/5 stars
Overall: This game is great, add arrow keys and work on the menu to make it look a little bit more professional and you got yourself a ■■■■ perfect game. Great job! 4.5 stars

Anyone else looking for a review?


It’s supposed to be more of an Arcade type demo of a bigger game I might make in the future, which is why the scoreboard is shown right away. If I ever make a full game it won’t be about beating it as fast as possible, it would just be a classic rogue-like type game where you fight through randomly generated safehouses of elemental gang members.

The main reason why he doesn’t “look up” is just that it would’ve been more work, for me in the backend and for sugarcyube to make all the sprites

I’ll definitely add more keybinds, I already have it set to work on azerty keyboard since I have one.
(Done, you can now use arrow keys and space to pick stuff up)

Thanks for the positive review :slight_smile:


I’ve been working on Last Stand recently, and I could use some feedback.