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To anyone interested… while slowly working on 8-9 projects at a time and seemingly getting nowhere on all of them, I’ve seen more and more review pages and I thought I’d offer my own opinion to all those who care. Much like game jams, reviews can be a great way to learn and grow as an artist and developer… so I’m going to rate games on a similar scale to the jams.

Theme: Is the general theme of the game obvious and consistent throughout? (1-5 stars)
Fun: Is the game fun to play? Is it too easy or hard? (1-5 stars)
Art/Sound: Does the art and sound fit the game theme? (1-5 stars)
Creativity: Is the game idea new? If not does the game add anything new to an existing idea? (1-5 stars)
Overall: This is the total score based on the above scores. (1-5 stars)

Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll try to keep a running list of games to be reviewed.


Could you review my game, knight with a gun when you are free? Thanks.


you can now use right click to scroll through the abilities instead of pressing 1 2 and 3 because everyone complained that this game had too much multitasking


Knight with a Gun by @Kasamir

This game is a good start, not quite finished yet, but getting there. The most glaring thing missing is sound and music… I double checked my volume was unmuted and turned up, so if you did add sounds, make sure they are programmed correctly; and if not, get on it.

Another thing to remember is to utilize the description section, this is a good place to add a brief backstory or explain what the game is… you should go back and add more than “roguelike.”

I really enjoyed the main menu, the title is simple but the use of greys and greens is really good, but you need to widen the “w” so it’s the same as the other letters. Also, the cursor looks great but it stands out as a different art style than the rest of the game and the pixels are different sizes. The words that appear over the buttons is cool, but the button hover animation is visually soft, try changing the color of the button to a dark grey so it’s easier for the player to see. Lastly, add the fullscreen option to the main menu.

For the skin select screen, I love the transfer, but the different fonts and pixel sizes is distracting. Pick one font to use throughout the game and menus.

As for the game level, I wasn’t sure why I was given options at the beginning, so add a description that explains to the player why they are picking between these options, also not sure if it was intentional but I was sometimes allowed to pick multiple options. Also, not sure if the rooms were meant to be random, but when I died and restarted the first room was different each time. As for why I died, and my biggest gripe with the gameplay (for a lot of Flowlab games) I am left handed and use a laptop without a mouse, so I’m trying to either using my normal left thumb on the pad and my right hand crossing over to use WASD, or I try to use my non dominant right thumb on the mouse pad, which I’ve proven I’m not capable of… this is the long winded way of saying please add arrow keys to the movement along with WASD, this allows options for the player to have.

Theme: As the title would suggest, it’s a knight game… so the character fits, and even the gun fits because of the title, but the zombies need some explaining. 2/5 stars
Fun: The game is simple and is programmed well, but a bit too familiar. 2/5 stars
Art/Sound: The artwork is good and consistent, I like the knight, but you should try to use the same pixel size for everything. The sound however is non existent, so get to adding music and sounds. 2/5 stars
Creativity: As I stated in the fun section, this game is too familiar to not only other Flowlab games, but just general castle style games. Determine what you think all those other games are missing and add it to your game to make it stand out. 1/5 stars
Overall: This is a great start… add music and sound, double check your pixel sizes, and singularize your fonts. Then add that something special to make your game different. 1.75 stars

Next game to be reviewed is Wizzo by @Galactian


wizzo is much more difficult with a mousepad

as a lefty myself i’m really good at typing and clicking fast with my left hand, but i use my right hand for my mouse


same here lol, that’s a lot of leftys

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I’m a right-handed mouse user and use the mouse with my right hand. I use my left hand for the keys

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Thanks for the feedback! I will make music and sound soon and will singularize my fonts. The randomization of rooms is key to the roguelike effect of the game that inspired me to make it.


Wizzo by @Galactian

From the start this game is fantastic. While it was hard to move around with my backwards brain, I was able to make it a few levels in, and the movement felt great, that being said… please add arrow keys along with WASD for movement.

The main menu is nice and calming with the music and bright colors, which is quite contradictory to the intensity of the blood-soaked gameplay… I love it! From what I can tell you’ve only used 2 different fonts, which is okay as they both seem to serve separate purposes. I liked the different upgrade backgrounds, and the ability to upgrade the cards and skills really keeps the player wanting to keep going to get the next thing.

I would suggest adding a main menu button that brings up the instructions again, so players can go back and re-read if need be. Also, add low volumed music to the game itself, it’s a bit quiet at times.

Theme: The title suggests a wizard game and a wizard game is what you get. Playing a wizard who cast spells and uses magic on genre-appropriate bad guys… pretty much hit the Fantasy genre on the noise. 5/5 stars
Fun: This game is similar to other games where you’re killing enemies as they keep spawning, but it adds different tasks to accomplish in each level and the ability to upgrade your cards and skills. 4/5 stars
Art/Sound: All the artwork is the same style and pixel size, which is a necessity for making a great looking game like this one. Add some music to the game itself. 4/5 stars
Creativity: The game is similar to a lot of Flowlab games, but it does add some interesting elements. 3/5 stars
Overall: This game is really great, it’s fun and there’s a lot of blood. It just needs some in game music. 4/5 stars

Next game is TBD


Thank you for the review.

if you play level 1 it will go through the tutorial again, since level 1 also always gives 3 stars there is no reason to return to it unless you want a tutorial repeat


rate my game

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Excuse me, but do you do reviews in DMs? I have made this game with some dev team assistance but I do not want to release it to the public just yet. Thanks

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Sure send it to me and I’ll respond.


Difficult Bouncy Slime Parkour by @rockyboiyay

Another game with a lot of promise, the first thing to stand out is the animation, you need to find your style and get away from the standard blocks. The slime animation is nice but needs some shadows or light to make it look less flat. Also add a spinning move animation and an idle animation (perhaps with something floating inside the slime), and make the slime green and translucent so you can see the background in it. You can also give the player options of changing the color, options are fun because it allows for some customization, which is my favorite part of any game.

You need a main menu, this will help make the game feel more polished and professional. The music doesn’t seem to fit the intensity of the game, try to find something more fast-paced, and add other sounds like the slime moving and jumping or the lava bubbling.

As for the gameplay, it’s a start, however the wall climbing in level 2 was almost impossible as it’s too hard to jump up at and out at the same time… check out @Samuel_PixelPizza’s tutorial Wall Jump & Slide Example because it’s amazing. Some of the jumps are too far, make sure you play test it constantly to make sure it’s possible to beat, it should be difficult as the title suggests but not so hard that the player gives up. You want to make games that people want to play and come back to play again. Lastly, develop your own warnings and get away from using the built in ones.

Theme The title says exactly what the game is, however that isn’t enough for a theme. You need to figure out a what and why the slime is what it is, and how does it connect to where it is. (i.e. location, background, etc.) 1/5 stars
Fun: This game has the potential to be a lot of fun, it’s difficult so when you die you want to keep trying, but if it’s too hard the player will eventually quit, and some of the jumps are too far. 2/5 stars
Art/Sound: Find your own art style and develop the animations. Get away from the standard blocks. 1/5 stars
Creativity: This game is simple and too similar to other games, figure out something to add that will make your game stand out from the rest. 1/5 stars
Overall: This is a great start, you just need to get away from the standard blocks and messages and find your own style, then add something interesting to the game that makes it different. 1.25 stars

Next game is a suprise by @117JOJO



Can you please review this game I made for Booster Jam 2?

I played the new game by @117JOJO aka @John_Shrekinson, and I can honestly say it is the best game he’s made so far. It still needs a lot of work, but him and the team helping seem to know what is missing. I did offer a few additional ideas, so hopefully they can make this game fun.

Next game I’ll be reviewing is Virus Apocalypse by @Ember.Y aka @JUSTPLAINOP… why does everyone keep changing their usernames? It’s confusing for an old man like me so KNOCK IT OFF!!!


I didn’t have enough game space on my main account, so I used an ALT, sorry.

I get it, I just don’t like change.

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can you review my unpolished game Slugs against humaniy Flowlab Game Creator - Slugs against Humanity

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Oh geez. Game reviewers get no break. Most of the topics for game reviews have already shut down. Bmarzi, prepare to have no rest.