Wall Jump Example: Learn how to make one

Hi! I am Samuel Tom (aka PixelPizza), if you are reading this, it’s probably because you are looking for an easy way to learn and implement a Wall Jump to your game.
Well, I made this example/bundle so you can easily copy-and-paste a functional and bug-free Wall Jump Mechanic!

Link: Flowlab Game Creator - Wall Jump Example

Here’s a tutorial video explaining how the Logic works:

Copy & Paste Instructions:

  1. Create a Ground object, and set the Friction to 0.0
  2. Create a Player object, select movable, set the Friction to 0.0, and select Capsule as Collision Shape.
    3. Copy the “Movement” Bundle from the Wall Jump Example.
  3. Go back to your game, Open the Player’s Behaviors, and Import the Bundle (Delete your old one, if you already had one).
  4. Open the Movement bundle, then Wall Jump Bundle, and then the “Can I wall jump?” Bundle.
    6. Inside it, you will find 6 raycasts. Click and edit the Object Type from “Any Type” to your “Ground” Object.
  5. Now, adjust the Values at will. Wall Jump force, Jump force, and the Move Left and Right values.
  6. Done! :smiley:

I hope this helps you! :slight_smile:


haha this is really awesome. I always like the quality of your examples @PixelPizza

Excellent job @PixelPizza :slight_smile:

Thanks, glad you like it! @F3Art

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Thank you so much :smiley: @TinkerSmith

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@PixelPizza it didn’t exactly work for me, can you check if I did anything wrong
link: https://flowlab.io/game/play/1464002

@PixelPizza didn’t you post this last year?

@meburningslime I think you’re thinking of the double jump

Did you follow all the instructions above? @buy3get5free
They are simple step-by-step, and there’s even a video.
I will peek a look, but refer to those first if you have a question :slight_smile:

@meburningslime Both Wall Jump and Double Jump example were made this year.

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Ok, I just noticed what’s wrong. You can’t wall jump where you are too close to the ground. @buy3get5free

So, I just updated the bundle and now it should work on every occasion.
Delete the current one and import the new one.

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thanks @PixelPizza so much I can’t wait to use this

@meburningslime I don’t understand the question about when this has been posted. If something is good it doesn’t matter how ‘old’ it is.
And this is a great example how well made instructions can look like :slight_smile:

Great job by @PixelPizza , I wish we had a rating system where we could honor efforts like this :slight_smile:

No problem @buy3get5free

Thank you so much @TinkerSmith :smiley:

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@TinkerSmith I never said it was bad! I was just asking. In fact, I’m even a little envious about how good it is tbh

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@PixelPizza I wanted to change my character spite to a 2 block high sprite but it doesn’t work, what should I do to fix this, you don’t have to do the work but if you just tell me what to do I’ll do it.

Well @buy3get5free , same thing as the Double Jump Example.
If you wish to make your character bigger than 1 block (32x32px) you will need to change the length of the raycasts. And that is all :slight_smile:

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Ok thanks @PixelPizza, btw sometimes I play your examples just because you make them so cool

Np, and thanks @buy3get5free ! I’m glad to hear that my hard work is appreciated and I’m glad you like it! :+1:

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Did you manage to solve it? Theres a tutorial at the beginning of this thread. Usually, you just need to set the object Types on the raycasts

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@ AbstractGallery Its been 2 years, but if your game looked the same as now, maybe your problem was character biger than one unit.

My question - how to manage bigger characters to work?