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I’ve had my games reviewed by @Crigence and @“Daniel Folston” , and they have inspired me to do the same. I have plenty of time on my hands to look at games and test them out, whether they are done or not. If you send me a game, you will get: A review of what I thought was good and bad (In my opinion), suggestions of what you should change for the better of your game (If you choose to use the advice), and rate as fairly as I can to the game your have presented to me (You will also receive a like for your game! ). You can also play one of my older games, A Little Evil- . And here is a game that I’ve just finished, A Boy in Armor- and a game I am now working on right now, A-Box (in development) - . Make sure to like!

So, welcome to the most polite review you can find on FlowLab! I try to make my best effort to make it so that I motivate you to keep building on your games instead of making you feel bad about them, because every game has potential, no matter how poorly made!
I will be on here at least once a week if I am busy, and I will do my best to keep up with your games. Start sending, and have a good day! (Total Reviews: 113*)

What I look for:

  • I like very well done art, mainly done by yourself (Not default, but if it works, it will be acceptable)
  • Very good storytelling if having story relation, or give us a background of the objective in-game, with controls and useful information.
  • Fitting music that matches the tone of the game and it’s sections and different moods.
  • I look for originality as one of the key things. Anyone can copy a game or use an idea, but a lot more mind and creativity goes into purely original games.
  • Good mechanics and controls that make sense for the gameplay and easy to use, and maybe unique.
  • Keep art that matches the tone and fits together, not half realistic and half cartoon. And make sure, if you make your own art, to put good effort into it.
  • And of course, make it enjoyable in it’s own way!

You can do it too!

I have recently added the option that you, yes you, can review a game in my discussion. Here are the rules:

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  • Do not be rude to the developer.
  • Use constructive criticism.
  • You do not have to use my format for your review/suggestions.
  • You have to give the developer’s game a like if you review it.
  • Has to be a rating out of 5 or 10.
  • Be willing to change your review if I have issues with it.
  • Be reasonable with the review, such as if it is a new game or a long-term WIP game.
  • You can review games that were reviewed a long time ago (in my discussion).
  • State I gave you permission.
  • State the name of the developer.
  • State the name of the game.
  • Most importantly, be polite!

If you send in a game:

  • Be willing to receive a review from someone other than me.
  • Take on constructive criticism, and use it.
  • You may advertise.

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My review format:

  • First, I start it up with a small opening leading to “Here is what I had thought:”
  • I give a review of 10 comments, 5 comments if a re-review.
  • I make a conclusion underneath the comments, repeating what I liked and didn’t in paragraph form.
  • I give a rating out of 10 and give my reasons.

I hope this gives you guys some insight with my reviews, and how I do them!

Plymouth Interactive Fables

This is my brand for all story-based games I make! A Boy in Armor is the first to officially be made as one, and A Box is coming in as the second! Go down to my other discussions below to give me suggestions for other games, feedback, and reviews, and I can also help all of you guys out with story elements!


Credited to @ToastMaster64 for making this latest image!

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Parva Quinque

Week One: @“my_name (<_>)” 's Gravity Hop
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Week Four: TBD
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Game of the Week Championship - Ante Decem:
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2nd- @“JR 01” 's DRIVE
3rd- @“Biscuit Butter” 's Kid’s Quest 2
4th- @“Creeper Bones” ’ Castle Jump
5th- @SomeGuy542 's The Cursed Room
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Game of the Week Championship - Parva Quinque:
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3rd- TBD
4th- TBD
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“The more opinions, the greater the outcome!” -rcreger

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hey @rcreger it’s not complete, but take a peek at my work in progress Nina Nano. It starts in the ship. Go to the driver seat and that will take you to the level select. once in a level: Arrows to move. space to shoot. There are more levels than you can access from the menu, so check from the edit side of things, too (skin level!).

Nina Nano (WIP)

I will eventually add bosses and additional enemies and targets to the levels. There will be music and a cut scene story line between levels too.

I’ve made some major improvements

I’m not dead yet!

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I’ve played this game before, @todorrobot , and even the first time, I knew it had potential!
This is what I thought about it:

  1. I like the original idea you had for this! It reminded me of the one episode of The Magic School Bus! (You can choose if that is bad or good)
  2. Most of the art is great, even if it is not done. Maybe add some shading to some of the sprites?
  3. I like how you made it that it shows the persons face beside what the person is saying! I thought that was a nice touch.
  4. The controls on the ship a bit strange, as you can jump and float to the roof when holding down the up key. I don’t know if that is what you wanted it to be or not. Please tell me.
  5. Maybe add more to the ship, for, to be honest, the ship seems bland till I see those nice control panels you made. (The animations for those are really good, in my opinion)
  6. I would like if there is an animation for the character as the character moves in the ship, and maybe some shading on the character (I like shading)
  7. Some of the sounds are a bit annoying, so adding music to push back those sounds will help.
  8. The choosing of the levels by clicking parts of the body systems is really nice. I would like to know if you made all this art.
  9. I love how those strands coming off the skin (forgive me, I’m not sure what they are) just whip you. I’ve laughed at this, and is great for this game.
  10. Like in the last level, the skin level, I like the movement animations you put in. Maybe do that with the animations for the ship character?

Overall, I think this is pretty nice of a game, and I can’t wait till you add or remove or whatever you want to do with your game. The only thing really bothering me is the ship jumping and how the inside of the ship is a bit bland, and maybe some of the movement animations (Let’s not forget about the shading) And maybe some more to the story would be nice.

(Ratings out of 10) I give this, by personal opinion, a 7/10
This is actually pretty nice of a game, you just mainly have to smooth it out a bit. Keep up the good work, and feel free to resend your game when it has more updates!

@“Daniel Folston” , you have made a lot of improvements! I already liked this game before you made changes! This is what I thought of it:

  1. The first thing I noticed is that when I chose the Dragonkin, there was no forward walking animation to it. I remember there being one.
  2. I found that secret room behind me… And that secret tunnel going underneath the lava… Genius!
  3. I actually kind of liked that animation you had for the door…
  4. I’ve always like the artwork for this game, though some of it is the Flowlab art, it was out to good use.
  5. Maybe you could put in some kind of story by putting a message in the beginning of the game that tells you why you are doing this.
  6. I love how you put in a title screen!
  7. I like how the game requires timing as you dodge those projectiles from the bosses from each section.
  8. In the level where you go back to the door behind the character, there is some sort of skeleton, or monster, that goes straight down and disappears from the screen…?
  9. I would like extended levels with a few more bosses, maybe something to click on to tell a story of each of the bosses would be neat.
  10. I would like to know what the Final Words are, or are they just the title?

I both like and and almost dislike some of the changes (I really liked that door…) I would just like some of the animations to be fixed with the forward movements (It might be just something for the Dragonkin) but I like the added level when going to the door (Add the old door and make it do that. Just add back that door! It looked neat and fantasy.) And figure out that skeleton thing. (It’s labeled ‘zombie’ in your game)

(Ratings out of 10) I give this a solid 7.5/10 , mainly because I’m a sucker for these types of games. But I would have given it an 8.5 or 9 if that door was there…

I know @Crigence ! If you could see me, I was laughing at that remark. I just feel that people may want more than one opinion. The more opinions you have, the broader you have to know of what people want from your game.

@rcreger Fixed the walk animation on the Dkin and the incorporeal torso.
I had to delete the door because of item shortage, i can make it again and send it to you should you want to use it.

I posted this game on crigence’s review discussion, but he had trouble playing it. I never really got any advice for how to improve it because he never got the chance to play it. I would appreciate if you would review this game.

SB3 is going to get frikkin rekt

Hi @rcreger Thanks for playing and reviewing! I would say that Nina Nano is only about 40-60% developed at this point. Most of your comments will be addressed as I make more progress (filling in walk and other missing animations, expanding the story line, decorating the ship interior, etc). I tend to bounce back and forth between multiple projects at once and it’s usually when I have some proof of concept that I want to develop. I will definitely let you know when I’ve made another round of major improvements.

Most of the current sound effects are Flowlab stock sounds, but I’ll probably swap those out with custom sounds eventually. Music will definitely help tie it all together. The weird worm thing on the skin level was my son’s creation. He did the initial animation and then I tightened it up and put it in the game. it makes us both laugh. All the art is mine. I’ve been sitting on concepts for this game for years but have never even been able to come close to programming it until Flowlab came along (Thanks @grazer !!!)

You’ll be the first game I haven’t played before @“Caleb Strawberry 3” ! Now, this game did lag a lot for me as well, but I was able to get a basic idea of how this would be. Here is my thoughts:

  1. Maybe put a bit of music to spice it up a bit?
  2. I really liked your intro for this game, very well done.
  3. The art is nice for this type of game, and the enemies are unique and different from each other.
  4. Maybe lessen the amount of enemies in the beginning and then slowly increase the number (This may be just me for I could not move as much, but if it works for you, ignore this one)
  5. I really liked the sounds when you clicked on the choices on the menus, and how they enlarged when the mouse goes over it.
  6. The stars glimmering in the background is a really nice affect for this game, but just wondering, is this set in space? Or are you looking into the sky? I’d like to know, and maybe the players would to.
  7. I can tell the controls are nice, even if I couldn’t use them that much, there was some moments I could and the speeds seem right.
  8. Maybe add even more types of enemies? I’d like to see even more variety (If you can, of course)
  9. I don’t really think “Dodge Bounce” is the right name for this game, especially there being stars in the background.
  10. During in-game, some stars in there as well would be nice.

I couldn’t really play it that much, but I really wanted to, so sorry since this may be heavily just off the design instead of the game play of the game. But most of it seems very well done, I would just like some stars in the levels as well as shown in the title and intro. The name does seem a bit off for this game, I was thinking of maybe “Astro-Dodge”?

(Ratings out of 10) I’ll give this an 8/10 for mostly being finished with only minor things to be fixed. Just fix a few of those suggestions and you’ll be set! Can’t wait to see what you do with it.

That’s great @“Daniel Folston” , and is understandable. I had just thought that door animation was pretty neat. Just continue to add on and fix things, and I’ll be happy to re-review for you! (I’m currently going to check out that walk animation now, thanks for fixing that)

And @todorrobot , I think it is great your son made that “weird worm thing”, it’s actually pretty creative! I love animations, especially with walking/running/jumping . Can’t wait to see this finished, and yeah, FlowLab is great! Thanks @grazer !
Could you please review my game too? ;v
(not desperate or anything, you just asked me if i wanted a review)


Survive the Zamboodles:

Like The Final Words by @“Daniel Folston” , I’ve played this game before and just liked it, @Simple_doge5 ! This is what I had thought of it:

  1. The menu is a little bland feeling, maybe put a little bit more detail into it design wise (Also, I’ve seen the discussion on Idle Games, are you in with making that?)
  2. The game is full of life with animations and things are constantly moving, which not many games on FlowLab have. Well done!
  3. The art is really nice, with good shading with light and dark areas.
  4. Concept is pretty original, being a slime who goes through levels defeating bosses, but with such an art style, I come to wonder why you would be fighting bosses? Is there a reason? Or does that slime just like killing overpowered monsters?
  5. I have found it really hard to actually beat these bosses, which could be just me, but the small “pricks” are really hard to see and seem to be everywhere, which has been my main problem to get through the game. Possibly decrease the amount and increase it as the boss has less health.
  6. Now for level 2, I just didn’t like the art as much. It seemed less quality as the previous level. I would have thought you would have made it that the sky would get darker as levels got harder, not into a laboratory, if that is a laboratory.
  7. The boss and projectiles also don’t seem as nice looking as the previous level, the natural look of the 1st level suited really well with the game.
  8. And is there a way to enter the “training grounds” through the main menu? Because I can’t find one, only in the editor.
  9. The controls are good, and the different speeds gives a nice variety instead of the up, down, side to side.
  10. And for “level 1 (harder)”, how would you access that level? Or is that just a test room?

Though with these comments, I still loved that first level, clearly the most finished with just about no tweaking necessary. But I do think you should make the training grounds more accessible, especially from the main menu, so people get to get a feel of the speeds, and slowly increase the projectiles, and for level 2… I just really liked level 1 the best. I highly suggest fixing the things in level 2, for it just doesn’t feel like it ties into with the first level.

(Ratings out of 10) I’ll give this a 6.5/10, which, I know, sounds pretty low, but it is mainly because it is unfinished and the level 2 design just isn’t really working for this game and some of the parts just didn’t make sense. Sorry for this review, I really did love that first level, very well done, which I give a 9.5/10 for that first level, and I mean it.

Okay @“JR 01” , I thought what you have done was pretty cool! A lot of these have been games I’ve played before, and you continue that. Here are my thoughts:

  1. Those logo’s are amazing! That loading screen is amazing! A lot of this is amazing!
  2. Very unique art style with the silhouettes! I like how it isn’t focused on details and color and just gives you what you need to know without those tiny details on the vehicles and obstacles.
  3. Very well done menu, and isn’t boring to look at with all that stuff moving. Keeps the eye occupied, tells the player, “Hey, look at me!” Great job with that!
  4. i had just realized the garage/purchase character icon, and that animation is so nice! (Though you should make that icon more visible, since I had never noticed it)
  5. The loading screens in between levels are a nice touch, but can get annoying to wait for them.
  6. The game play is simple, press space to jump, and seems to work just fine with the gravity. But with these jumps, of course I noticed that great animation of those wheels with some elastic affect. You have a lot of nice touches in this game!
  7. I like how it congratulates you when you get a high score instead of always saying “Game Over”.
  8. I’ve noticed a glitch that when I got off the game for a second to put something into the review, upon jumping, the car froze in the jump animation, yet continued driving. This may be a one time thing, but thought you should know.
  9. I don’t really like that if you touch the back of the cars or obstacles it kills you too.
  10. Have you heard of the Chrome T-Rex game?

This is a good time waster, as it does not end and you can just go on and keep playing, trying to beat your old high score. I honestly would play this all the time, especially with those good animations you put time into (I can’t get that garage door out of my head). There wasn’t that much I saw that wasn’t good or didn’t work in design, and the controls were meant to be simple.

(Ratings out of 10) I give this a good 8.5/10 to 9/10, because I can’t decide if I should consider that glitch if it is only a one time or a reoccurring thing. Plus there is the loading screens which were both good and bad to me. But really, a well done job and I’m sure you put a lot of time into this game. Maybe you could add different modes? This is outside of the review, but I think different modes could give it a little more in a way of choice.

Hmm… This was definitely fun to review, @MagmaDude100 . The first thing I’d like to say is: I found Big Chungus! Okay, and here is my thoughts:

  1. The art has some decent and very very bland styles, both mixed into the game. Add some more texture to the grass, roads, etc. This also goes to the zombies and people/characters.
  2. I had realized there is not a good description. Tell them that you use the arrow keys, the space bar to shoot, and that there are health kits!
  3. It was fun going around shooting things, even if they did have a hard time following me.
  4. What caused the zombies? Add some story with this so the player gets some understanding and feel more into the game.
  5. That way you choose to transition into levels, “Thank you for saving me but I have a friend stuck in the desert”… There’s a desert? How’d he get out there?
  6. The zombies brute shouldn’t rotate like that, and should move more like it’s brother zombies. And what is the name “Zamboodles”? Is that an inside joke?
  7. The beginning menu is also, sadly, even with all the movement, not very eye catching. The grass just needs some more detail, and maybe a glimmer in the water, and, of course, the zombies.
  8. There shouldn’t be a button labeled “Help Button”, but a button labeled “Help”.
  9. It’s good that you have a link to your YouTube channel, though. Get them views!
  10. I’m trying to think of something positive about this game, but those trees, when stepping through them, the animation lags as to when to show the player, and it still looks like you are walking on top of the tree like it was in the background.

This game needs a lot of work, but I know it isn’t finished. You really need to fix stuff in design and story, and the sense of the game and its backstory. And definitely put a better description in it, or tell the controls in-game.

(Ratings out of 10) This is the first game I have not played before, but I’m always going to give an honest score. I give this a sad 5/10 because there is a lot to be fixed, for it just seems to be lazily done, no offense, but I feel like you could have put more effort in it.

Review my game Johnny make sure you play all of the levels