Building an 8-directional shooter platformer

So, something I have been trying to work out, since the beginning, is an 8-directional shooter platformer, like Super Metroid, and Metal Slug.
I thought about having an upper body and a lower body, so the legs can focus on one walk animation, while the upper body aims and shoots.
My first thought, was to use the attach tool, but rather than overlap the main object, it rests a half block lower. Example:
This would work decently, if I only wanted a centered rotating arm, but I’d rather have a top animation, and a bottom animation.
@grazer would you be able to demonstrate an example of how to pull off a way to have a top body and bottom body, that properly links and moves together,
and will shoot in 8 directions? I would appreciate it, since it’s been bothering me since I joined a few years ago.

I will think about this a bit. I don’t think rotations are the way to go, a game like metal slug uses animations for each direction- but that’s a lot of work:

Hey! The top part can use something like a proximity, and the X goes into the X (of course) but as far as the y: Take an expression. A=0 B=-32 (a+b) plug the proximity’s Y into the expression’s A and eval, and the expression into the position, there you go!

I had considered locking injected position. The benefit of attach, is if I want to crouch, I can turn off the attachment, but if I use a second object to be locked above, when I duck, I have to delete the top object, and spawn a new top half when I stand. I’ll mess around with it some more. It’s definitely a challenge.

Just have the top one disable and change its alpha (you may want to put a switch on everything to prevent firing) then have the bottom display an animation

I’ve had problems with enable/disable in the past, and it stopped working entirely in some of my old games, but I’ll see if it works.

I tried using attach and it didn’t really work too well, so then I tried using the extractor to have the top half lock to the bottom half, but it lags, and looks like leap frog. I’m pretty stumped. (Just click on any button on the menu to load the test level.)

use a proximity

I noticed that u use a mailbox thing.

i think the always will lag out the game if used too much

Show me an example of how you would get it to work with a proximity.

I used the rig myself once. Heres an example of how it would work (think of the character as the bottom and the health as the top)

You didn’t post an example.


My bad :confused:

I’ll try it on my laptop when I get home. I guess dolphin browser doesn’t load Flowlab games on my phone.

Use puffin

What is going on here? All the games say it requires the Adobe Flash Plugin. I’ll see if anyone else is having this dilemma.

Alright, site is working again, and dude, your game is awesome. I’m really liking the Terraria feel to it, with the pointer bow following the aim box. You just have to make sure the aim box stays on screen, and don’t leave it behind. The respawn ghost is also very very cool, and I haven’t seen anyone else ever do that in a game. I am guessing the example you wanted me to look at, was the life bar, right?

That was my problem and also what i was aiming for. Thanks!

Oh and Right, the life bar was the example i was using