Can a certain level change according to events in other levels?

I am making a game with a free account so the 5 level limit is kinda frustrating, but I think I found a way to work around it but I don’t know how to do it. What I want to do is let’s say in level 3 you grab a key that’s supposed to open a door in level 2, which is the hub in my game, how can I do this? I tried mailboxes and messages but it’s not working, any ideas?

Use the Global behavior. It can save values throughout levels.

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Thanks, now it works like a charm


As BradenS said, use globals. Messages can only be sent to objects within the current level.
However, Global values stay between levels.

So to unlock a door in level 2 from a key in level 3 you would

  1. Collect key → set Global to 1
  2. In level 2, have a Once connected to the Global.
  3. Put the output from the Global into a filter. If it equals 1, unlock the door.

Side note: consider using the Save behavior so it can save between play throughs